My eighteen yr. old son wants to get his lip pierced !!!!

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  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll
    Is it just the coming of age fad for kids today , or is there an underlying emotional problem linked to wanting to tattoo and put holes in yourself ?

    Like you said, its just a coming of age thing, an outward sign of rebellion against his parents and their generation. Its just a way of saying "I'm here, this is me, I'm not under my parents control anymore, I'm independent and have my own mind" I went through the same thing but with tattoos and I wasn't rebelling against my parents I was rebelling against the org I bet if you said they were cool and went out and got one before he did he'd drop the Idea

  • daystar
    underlying emotional problem

    ? Not unless you have other indicators. Piercings and tats alone mean little in that regard.

    It could be so he'd seem cooler with his friends (read, girls). I grew my hair out, got the piercings, had the rebel look for a while. It was all about getting the attention of girls to be honest, now. At the time, I thought it was just about the scene, but really... it was for the girls.

  • Nosferatu

    He's 18 years old. It's time to let him make his own decisions and mistakes, no matter how stupid they are. Let him learn his own lessons.

  • Clam

    Yes I have to agree with Nosferatu. My nephew had to go through a stage of tongue piercing and getting a purple mohawk hairstyle at age 18. He's like a young brother to me and I'm the first person he comes to if he has a problem, because he thinks I'm on his wavelength. Even though I told him he looked daft and risked getting hepaptitis, he still went ahead and did it all. Now he's "normal" lol. You just have to let them do what they want to do in this department.

    What intrigues me about piercings is whether they interfere with the body in anyway. After all, acupuncture needles, although very fine "do something" to the body on a therapeutic level when stuck in. This personally would put me off, LOL.

  • codeblue

    My step-son pierced his penis when he was 16.....OMG!

    He had to show it to everybody!!! lol...even to his Dad and me.

    About a year later the fascination wore off and so did the piercing....he took it out!!!

  • Dimples

    My daugher who is 19 just got her belly button pierced. She wanted to do it when she was in high school but I told her she had to wait until she was 18. Now she is talking about getting a tattoo. Even though I don't approve, she is an adult now and she has to make her own decisions. Hopefully, she won't regret it later if she goes through with it.


  • Seeking Knowledge
    Seeking Knowledge daughter who's 16 just had HER bellybutton pierced compliments of her grandma (who was also responsible for my brothers pierced ears when they were younger...hey mine too) No tattoo's yet....

    I'd say short of offering to do it for him with a rusty nail & a hammer, let him go for it. He's 18 and I agree with all the other posters, he wants to do his "own thing". It's harmless compared to what they could really be doing!


  • freedomlover

    honestly - what is the big deal?

    I have kids also and I really wouldn't have a problem with this. There are a lot worse things he could be doing.

    the infection argument......C'MON!?

    besides, who of us HASN'T done something they regretted when they were 18?

    have a drink and relax. don't sweat the small stuff and it's all small stuff.

  • delilah

    There are a lot worse things he could be doing.
    Freedomlover, I feel exactly the same way. My son has had his hair cut in a mohawk style, different lengths, different colors, and as long as he isn't experimenting with drugs and other dangerous substances, I don't mind. He's too young for tattoos and piercings,(he does have one ear pierced) but we've discussed them at length with him, and when he turns 18, he can do as he pleases, as long as he doesn't go crazy. He understands the importance of tattoos that are meaningful, because they are permanent. His father has many that he wishes he had never got done. My daughter was 18 when she got her first tattoo, and it is very nice. She has 3 more, and they are all tasteful.

    As far as your son getting his lip pierced,if he is determined to have it done, tell him to make sure the place he is going to is extremely clean and sterile.

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