Mouthy... or others who may have advice for this Canadian

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  • outbutnotdown
    I read your post. & I am so sorry for all that is going on in your life. But I dont want to mislead you. I think Bill Bowen would be more able to help you than I or even Lori Macgregor .... After sitting in on a couple of these cases I think the Lawyer that represents you MUST know about the JW teaching.... Vicki's Lawyer did NOT understand -he came to me a couple of times asking is this true what they do..... So sorry I am not in a postion to help....Good Luck

    (((((Mouthy))))) I appreciate............. GREATLY..... that you have responded and shared your thoughts. Feel free to share my information with anybody who you feel may be able to help me and the kids. Sorry that you're not feeling so great mouthy. *hugs* Brad

  • mouthy

    Thanks for your good wishes. Outbutnotdown.... I will keep your info in mind & scout around if I find anything out I will e- you (((HUG)))

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