A funny thing happened on the way to the forum.....

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  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Like many here the addiction to this forum has been like cocaine for me. Laughs, smiles, sharing feelings and fears, has been stimulating to me on a nearly daily basis. I couldn't miss my daily fix.

    Then suddenly, maybe two weeks back it happened. My dependence got intermittent, some days I needed a giant fix, other days I could care less if I even logged on. Now the apathy days are beginning to outnumber the days when I need to visit here.

    What is happening here? Could it be I am beginning to heal from the Jw experience? Am I like a junkie that has quit cold turkey? Will I find myself soon with a bigger habit than before? In some ways I hope so, for I love the community here and those I have come to know. But I am starting to feel whole again. And in large part I owe that to you guys and gals here. For that I thank you.

    What will my addiction be like in a week or a month? Who knows. But I think it is all good. I won't quit coming here - this is not that kind of thread - at least not yet. But it is kind of like that sprained ankle that you had - all of a sudden you realize that it quit hurting and you don't need to lean on the crutch as much as before.

    Healing is great feeling.


  • LDH


    Yes you will most likely go through cycles (I'm so glad you're healing.)

    You might also realize once you've "healed" how much you can help others....and so hang around once in a while.


  • unclebruce

    Dear Jeff,

    I hope you don't mind but I copied all your JWD posts and sent them for analysis by my colleague Sickmind Fraud of Landover Baptst.

    The results have just arrived back from the cyber psych:

    He prattles on for pages about cognitive duncyness and other boffin gobbldygeek ... but cutting the crap, it turns out, you were once a

    .. which transmongrelified into a and now you're growing wings to one day fly free


  • freedomlover

    ditto Jeff. I've had the same experience lately and didn't quite know how to put it in words yet. you did that for me.

  • Dismembered

    Hi AK - Jeff

    Same thing happens to me @ this time of year. Soon I will not be able to sign on here. To much to do outdoors


  • wombat

    AK -Jeff...

    So good that you are healing and don't need to dwell on the bad experiences anymore. Yeah, forget all about the bad jw life and create a new one. Maybe forget this board for a while and everything watchtower and enjoy your new life.

    One day, like me, you may come back without anger or hatred..just simply to amuse yourself and chat to great people and to be able to help the poor confused souls like we once were.

    Since you admittedly owe this site much for the help you were given, you are obliged to come back one day and help others.

    By the by.......Start making up your Christmas card list now. I reckon that there is nothing more healing from the WT experience than sending out and receiving heaps of Christmas Cards.

    Have a great new life........Wombat

  • Brigid


    Probably everyone here has had similar experiences. I know I have. There are days when I cannot keep myself from peeking in and out. Others when the "real" world pulls me out to engage there thoroughly.

    Though I feel that I've healed from my JW experience and fully integrated it into the Being that I am, I still come here and try to post at least once a day (though sometimes it's difficult) because this board is so vitally important. There are so many lurkers...those broken and bruised from their experiences, wondering if there is anyone "out there". And they find us...the real worldwide brotherhood where they can, if they choose, cry out in a small voice in the darkness and find a thousand welcoming beacons calling back "We're here!". And they can be avid JW's, doubters but still in, atheists, agnostics, homosexuals, pagans, Christians, Buddhists, but they are free to be who they are and share and warm themselves by our fires.

    That's why I hope that you'll continue to post here at least every once in a while. Your energy is needed.

    Love and Light,


  • LittleToe

    Life ebbs and flows in cycles.

    Is the desire to eat, drink and/or talk with friends an addiction? If so, so be it.

    I often take breaks of a week/month or two. It helps me keep perspective with the real world. I'm probably overdue one now...

  • unclebruce

    What's the weather doing out little toe?

    Autumn has sprung here .. it's getting a little cooler each day

  • trevor

    AK - jeff

    Many people leave here once they feel they have said it all. I left for two years 2003-2004. Nobody noticed me leave or return which helped me to realize the futility of owning an ego.

    Now I hang around to amuse myself and others. As it has turned out I only seem to amuse myself but I am happy with that.

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