Do you think the media tells you the truth?

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  • Cellist

    I'm afraid that I tend to be more skeptical than is healthy. I usually believe them when they say that someone has died. I believe them when they say "daylight saving time" has begun or ended. I think they usually accurately report what the date of their broadcast is. Other than that, I tend to doubt everything they say.


  • DanTheMan

    I trust the media far more than I trust the Joe Windbags of the world who would have me believe that the whole of journalism with the possible exception of Faux News is a big leftist conspiracy to keep me in the dark about the real truth about the world, barf. The Greenhouse "Affect" always seems to be a favorite topic of these Joe Windbag types.

  • greendawn

    I also don't believe that the mass media tell us all the truth, there is often a degree of disinformation and manipulation since there are always powerful interests interacting with and influencing the mass media owners.

    If not anything else some info is left out to create false impressions. And national interests must not be undermined.

  • Rig Boy

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