Road Trip to Hell (for those of you on the lefthand path)

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    Tetra honey, you have quite a talent there for putting the words together. Better than the average person, for certain. You should definitely write some more songs.

    I was thinking of the part you wrote of god being drug behind on a rope. It made me think of the scripture where Jesus said that whatever you did to the least of one of his, you did it to him. So that would mean that the guys who pulled the black fellow behind their truck, on a rope, were actually pulling Jesus on a rope. According to Jesus anyway.

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  • sass_my_frass

    Wouldn't worry though; it's Gehenna we're going to, which isn't a place, just a state of non-existence. I figure it will be similar to my life prior to making the break.

  • tetrapod.sapien

    hey everyone,

    thanks so much for responding to the thread/song. glad you guys liked it.

    i've written a couple of other songs too lately. it's hard for me to write stuff that rhymes because i don't like having to force ideas. so i rarely write lyrics. but this was a fun little divergence for me. actually, a healthy little one because some stuff is not going to go anywhere unless i release it.

    brigid: heh, a reading? sure, YES. i am totally up for it. seriously. do a reading on me. i'll send you a PM and let swalker know too.

    well, it was nice talking with you all. i'm gonna go to bed now.

    from the languid and torpid transmissions of gehenna,


    SWALKER case Brigid missed it!


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