Wearing Makeup will doom you to burn in HELL!!!

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  • greendawn

    They are even more extremist than the JWs and on their way to be like the Moslems who believe that any part of the female body that is bare, not covered, will burn in hell hence the fact that traditional Moslem women go out covered up from tip to toe.

  • Gill

    Wow! The sheer craziness of the human mind, when it comes to religion and controling eachother, especially controling women I note, it's insane. Must be something very kinky about telling women what they can and CAN"T wear that just gets religious men all hot under the collar,(and other regions).

  • peacebaby

    GodisRight - I believe they get it from the example of Jezebel... and there are scriptures about 'painted ladies' in Psalms and Proverbs I think. I think the danger lies in going extreme either way. 'Balance' is my new favorite word! After leaving the WT - I've come to think of all religions as too extreme... and a little scary! You couldn't call me 'high maintenance' by a long shot, but I do wear a little make-up and color my hair - which they also don't allow. It really is all vanity - but I'm certain that God doesn't judge us on a little make-up - He forgives us for being vain, don't you think? My neighbors belong to that church and they shun us - lol - too, too worldly for them I guess - but they're pretty rude with it at times.... I'm sure I came off rude at times as a dub - it's hard to be humble when you have all the RIGHT answers! Actually I think they started shunning me because I was a JW, but now they don't talk to us at all and I've been out 2 years! Lol. Oh, well....


  • atypical

    Hell is going to be fun.

  • M.J.

    Here's an abridged version of the article, with highlights:


  • Chimene

    I guess I'm going to hell in a "cosmetic bag" LOL!!!!! ROFLAO!

  • Chimene

    Oh yes, alot of those who grew up JW's never heard the old saying, "He's going to hell in a hand bag"

  • BadPammie

    I say let us cast off the physical colored fabrics from our bodies and exist in this world the way the Heavenly Father intended: butt naked.

    Yeeeeee HAAAAAWWWWW!

  • Clam

    It’s because women of ill repute like this one wear cosmetics. Just look at her, drinking booze to celebrate getting a library card™ from the UN library.


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