Oh, I really screwed up on this one. What should I do?

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  • stilllying

    Ok, here is a quick synopsis. I was born and raised "in the truth". I was DF when I was 17 and moved away, got married, had kids etc....I came back into the "truth" at around 27 out of guilt and a strong need/desire to speak with my mother, father and sister again but since they lived back east and I lived out west they didn't really know that after a few years I became inactive again and now that dad's passed away and mom is sick I don't have the heart to tell them that I haven't been to a single meeting in over 10 years (except for the ones I go to when I go back to visit them and pretend like everything is AOK and I am 100% yada,, yada, yada) Any way, I just told my mom that me and the family are going on a cruise over spring break and you guessed it, she says, "Oh no, you are going to miss the .....MEMORIAL!!!!????" I forgot to check when the memorial was and totally forgot so I could cover my tracks when speaking to her about anything going on around that time. What do I do now??? You can only imagine the silence, it was like she was in shock! I know I am lame for even still pretending that I am still a JW but I just don't want to upset my mom. I love her dearly and she is a very ill lady and it would break her heart. Anyway, any ideas what I can do now. I was thinking about telling her I contacted a kingdom hall in Puerto Vallerta and would go while in port that evening. What do you all think?

  • jgnat

    Ah, simple. Tell her there's other JW's on the trip an the cruise coordinator has already arranged a small memorial in the chapel. You could even dress it up a bit. There's a real-live anointed on the trip, so they simplified the arrangement by bringing their own bread and wine.


    I was thinking about telling her I contacted a kingdom hall in Puerto Vallerta and would go while in port that evening. What do you all think?

    That's what you need to tell her!!! Just say you forgot to look that up before making your plans but there are KH's there.


  • ballistic
    There's a real-live anointed on the trip

    LOL - I think that's stretching it a bit - and you may get asked up on to the platform to tell everyone all about it!

    Here's what I would do... ring the bethel and tell them you are a witness and your cruise has been rearranged to the time of the memorial. Ask them if it is acceptable to celebrate the memorial on board or what they suggest you do.

  • jgnat

    For some authenticity:

    Jehovah's Witnesses (Testigo de Jehová)
    Libramiento # 244

    Puerto Vallarta

  • Virgochik

    Good idea, say you will make sure to attend at the port of call. She won't ask for photos, will she?

  • stilllying

    I just googled kingdom halls in Puerto Vallarta and there is one on Libramiento 244 and meetings in english at Milan 271 in the Versalles neighborhood. Contact Jose Pena at 222-2732. That should be enough info to work!

  • Cellist

    Welcome to the board, Stilllying.

    That sounds like a good plan to me. Hope you have a good cruise.


  • juni

    Welcome to the board.

    I think all of these suggestions are practical. And w/jgnat's Hall address info - like she had said - it makes it authentic. Since your time is limited, it would be faster to do this than waiting for a reply from the Headquarters. I don't know what the others may think about the time issue and getting a speedy reply, but that's my opinion.

    Have a wonderful time with your family.

    Juni :) P.S. Isn't it sad that in order to maintain a relationship w/family who are JWs, you have to resort to lying about things that really are none of their business? Hopefully one day you won't have to lie in order to spare yourself grief. You'll find support here from others who also share your situation.

  • juni

    You're ahead of my posting. Good job with your research. Love your kitty pic.


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