It's my last day at work tomorrow

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  • ballistic

    If anyone was reading a post of mine a few months back, I posted that I was doing a course and some exams for work and that the announcement was made shortly after I started the course that I was being made redundant. Well... tomorrow is my last day!!!

    (or to be precise last half day as we're all going to the pub at lunch time and I wont be returning)

    I've been put on "gardening leave" which is paid leave... I don't have a very big garden anyway.

    p.s. please send no condolenses, everything is going according to plan, and I am really looking forward to a mega holiday of a lifetime, some traveling, apostfests, seeing some friends and family etc etc etc.

  • JH

    Now you'll have plenty of time to post

  • hubert

    So, are you retired? or just saying "screw it" and decided to never work again in your life. (I dream of doing either or both, but can't afford to).

    Enjoy your time off.


  • ballistic

    I'm just havin a break! - I know why does everyone look at me like a close reletive has died when I tell them?

  • Cabin in the woods
    Cabin in the woods

    Aaah Ballistic, is this why you initiated the thread on starting your own business earlier this month?

    I have been thinking about that conversation a lot and was wondering if we could encourage those who would like to start their own business as well as those of us who are already working it. I know that there are days I would give anything for some insight or just have someone to share experiences with.



  • ballistic
    Aaah Ballistic, is this why you initiated the thread on starting your own business earlier this month?

    Aaah Mary, good to see ya still here. Yes, that was why I posted that, I was just wondering if time and a good idea was all that was needed to start an internet business. I 'm certainly going to have plenty of time, and as JH pointed out, it could be filled with posting to message boards if I'm not careful.

  • serendipity

    Hi ballistic

    I'm sooo envious. I wish I were released from my job, with pay. Enjoy your freedom & have fun!!!

  • delilah

    Ballistic, you lucky devil you.....ENJOY!!!!! but don't get so busy enjoying yourself, that you forget about us here.

  • ballistic

    haha, the pub lunch went well, and I have to go to another pub at 7.30. It's a hard life.

    So if you catch me posting again at 1.00 am GMT, you'll know I've had far too much to drink.

    Maybe I'll post a Terry style post, "ask me anything you want".... but I'll insert> "drunk". lol

  • Dr Jekyll
    Dr Jekyll

    Last day in the office?!

    Last chance to sit on the photocopier and hand the printouts to the people you hate

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