Man v. Woman

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  • loathjw

    Ahh, and this is why I have my very own credit cards!

    While you may never have sex again in this lifetime.

  • greendawn

    What is that story trying to tell us? that men are always after sex and women after money and there is no genuine bond between them it's the woman's body and the man's money that really count not a deep emotional relationship.

  • ballistic

    It's just a joke greendawn. All women are not the same just as all men are not the same. Some women do indeed go for your wallet and some men are only interested in sex.

  • ballistic

    Forgot to say, it works the other way round... some women just want me for my body... well, have they got the cash. lol


    What a beautiful story to end so tragically....


  • WildHorses
    I was just relating a story to someone the other day of a JW wife who told me how she hated sex with her husband and she would usually just lay there and after a few minutes say "are you done yet?"

    Not a good thing to say. She should have instead told him..........Honey, i'm tired but you can still have sex with me...................Just pull my gown down when you're through.

  • ballistic

    Someone's just reposted this under a new thread!

  • tvphonebranch


    Wow, I can't believe you are still here. I know this topic isn't based towards this, but I used to come on this website ALOT!

    My old screen name used to be Airwlk149- look me up in the member directory. I wished I knew the email address I used or the password, so that I could log in under that name...

    Hope all is well with you.

    My new email address is:

    [email protected]

    Sooooooo much to say about how I got screwed by the truth once again...

  • kid-A

    From experiences with past failed relationships, when sex starts becoming a bargaining chip in the relationship, the end is nigh!!!

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