What would be the greatest "Division" amongst Jehovah Witnesses.

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  • JH

    They say that they are united in every way, that they enjoy the same teachings....

    But what would be the greatest "division" amongst them?

  • JH

    Maybe it would have to do with the shunning policy or blood issue.

  • JH

    Maybe the greatest division amongst them would be who leads in the organization VS who is being led.

  • ozziepost

    No one's talking to ya, JH!

    So I will......but I don't know what to say!!

  • wombat

    JH...I have never heard of "divisions" within the WTS.

    They are so tightly controlled I don't see how divisions are possible.

    Possibly you are referring to the members' own personal thoughts - thoughts that they would never reveal to others for fear of the consequences.

    Do you mean - what aspect of the WTS teachings is it that most members disapprove of or doubt?

  • Legolas
    What would be the greatest "Division" amongst Jehovah Witnesses

    Hummmm...Well I think you will always had the stupid people there who can't see the forest for the trees...but you will have those who do and they will just end up leaving one way or another.

    As for a division for all...well the first thing that comes to mind is ..what are they going to do in saaaaay 10-15 years when there are still alot of 'anointed' left .....even now that was 71 years ago and that would put them at at least 81 years old (them being 10 at the time)

    I know I know 'new light'....I think they will need a 'think tank' of geniuses to get out of that one!

  • Gill

    Money affects WTBTS policy. If you're very poor and following a WTBTS instruction and refusing a government instruction/demand, you will have to go to court with no financial support, possibly be beaten, tortured and imprisoned because you can't pay your way out of your fine.

    Now, if you are rich and following a WTBTS instruction and refusing a government instruction/deman, you can pay your way out of any court, prison, fine etc and don't have to suffer for your WTBTS rules.

  • blondie

    The first division in the WTS was in 1909(?) over the definition of the "new creature."

    I see that the WTS tends to splinter over who has the authority and disappointments over failed predictions. But the WTS does not allow for disagreement and almost always kicks out any naysayers even if they are right then or later.


  • Narkissos

    I guess for any "tightly controlled" group (as wombat put it) the real divisions are not found in opinions but in motivations. Why do people become and remain JWs? On this level anything can be found: spiritual experience (rare but not altogether absent); a consistent worldview with an answer to any question; hope for the future; social and familial relationships; frustrated personal ambition; fear of the unknown; etc.

    That makes room for a lot of ways of understanding or misunderstanding the same words.

  • Gill

    Those who 'lie' and feel that lying is fine.

    Those that lie under NO circumstances, (probably because they do not realise how important it is to lie to maintain your sanity as a JW).

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