Shoulder is dislocated/subluxated

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  • gumby

    Nowadays they got this thang called x-rays and ultra sound to see what's ailin ya. Crazy ain't it?

    Do like me and smoke this herbal remedy that makes ya forget just about every pain in the arse you got.

    Seriously, get a picture of the problem area. Pictures are worth a 1000 words.....remember?


  • LDH

    It really depends on the skill level of the chiro.

    My daughter's interests involve a great deal of stress on the ankles, wrists and elbows and he always sets them straight. I asked him directly, just last month, if they don't teach those 'adjusting skills' at chiro college, where would one learn>

    He told me he always goes to continuing ed courses put on by specialists who do sports medicine, where these additional extremities are taught.

    So if your guy hasn't been to these courses, he's just usin' ya as a guinea pig, sorry.

    I do recommend that you continued to be treated by Chiro PLUS have a full medical evaluation. Also Physical Therapy with someone who has been certified as ART (Active Release Therapy.)

    Feel better!

  • Finally-Free

    I had a dislocated shoulder once. I also had sprained knees, ankles, as well as protruding and herniated disks more times than I can count. Chiropracters were useless in all but the back problems. They got me mobile faster. Even then, they want you to keep coming back even when the pain is long gone. They're like a second mortgage. I also noticed that the frequency of my back problems has dramatically decreased since I stopped going to chiropracters.


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