How Did Things Change After You Were Baptised?

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  • whyizit

    I've noticed that a lot of JWs and former JWs have said there was a big change after they became baptised. How were you treated before, as compared to after? Is there really THAT noticeable of a difference? Did YOU follow suit and treat people different after baptism too? Did some of the newly baptised get offended and leave?

  • greendawn

    I felt the difference after baptism the love bombing stopped and the congo members' personal interest evaporated very quickly.

    Certainly not what they promised, that you will find many brothers and fathers and mothers in the org once you leave the world. A year later I could count just three social invitations from dubs and I decided it was time to leave. I could do without this kind of "relatives" in the spirit.

  • serendipity

    I think a lot of people experience the cessation of love bombing after baptism. A baptized person surely doesn't get the attention that a Bible study gets.

    Jws were a lot more critical of my actions - do this, don't do that. That's my personal experience.

    From others, I've heard that a person's questions are handled differently. If a Bible study asks about the UN NGO deal, they'll get the stock answer. If a baptized person asks about, they'll get a visit from the elders and get accused of being apostate and then virtually forced to pledge their allegiance to the org.

  • anewme

    I found out the gal who studied with me was practically PIONEERING OFF ME!!!
    Meaning, she spent so much time with me, picking me up for the meetings, taking me to her house, taking me to show me the new assembly hall, museums where there were Bible artifacts, taking me shopping for meeting clothes etc...all the while counting time on me! Stupid here had no idea!!

    Honest to God I thought we were best of friends! I got disinherited by my father for studying with the witnesses and I thought I'd found a new and more loving family.

    After baptism I might as well have been attending town hall meetings disussing meter fees or the new town swimming pool for all the attention and love I got.

  • dvw

    i really saw no change. 98% of the people at the hall are decent people. since fading, only a few of them are a little "cool" to us.

  • gaiagirl

    The individual who was 'studying' with me cancelled our study a few weeks after my baptism. I wanted to continue studying in a second publication after having finished the first, however they were not willing to waste their time since they couldn't count time on me any longer.

  • 95stormfront

    The elder I was studying with dropped me like a hot rock after I was baptised a couple of chapters through the second book.

  • Frog

    for me it was like the leadup to the prom or wedding day, new expensive dress, feeling like a princess/movie star for the day, getting presents etc. Afterwards it was just a huge burden as a young teenager.

  • Honesty
    The elder I was studying with dropped me like a hot rock after I was baptised a couple of chapters through the second book.

    We must have had the same "Bible" Study conductor.

  • Carmel

    It was the turning point in my life! I had been promised so much so many times and guess what...nada, nothing, it all stayed the same. Wouldn't/couldn't answer my questions, still treated me like I was incapable of understanding the deep spiritual truths and mysteries,,yada, yada yada! When I realized they were full of crap, couldn't answer the questions that bothered me, I decided to seek answers from outside the cave. Yep, baptism caused me to be re-born, but not how they thought it would be!


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