How Long Did it Take You

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    In my case I made my decision to stop attending meetings and going on fs in Dec 05 (after 25 years in the cong) . Just because I felt inside of me that something "was not right with this picture".

    I started reading old magazines about the 1914 generation and some other issues that were bothering me and I decided that I couldn't in good concience keep preaching something that I don't belived in.

    It was like 2 weeks after I stopped attending meetings that I dared to look at this websites and I was amazed on how many people were going to the same emotions that I was feeling.

    So far is been kind of easy because I don't have immediate family inside.

    I have received only one attempt of a visit from an elder and five or six phone calls from friends.

    You will know when is your time, and when that time comes, there will be no turning back and you will have the courage to confront the consecuences.

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    I left more than 20 years before finding this place by accident one day. I killed a lot of time here in 2004, as it never had occurred to me to search out Dub related sites on the web before then. It was interesting ... I really hadn't talked much other ex-Dubs (to my knowledge). I gradually tapered off posting here but still occasionally stop by here to see what's going on.

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