Do they themselves believe?

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  • metatron

    This is a very difficult subject to articulate because it involves trying to understand so much that is irrational and bizarre

    in regard to their private thoughts. Specifically, they can somehow rationalize that any ( or maybe most) JW doctrines are

    false while still retaining the thought that God is still somehow behind them. It's a bit like the "Red Queen" telling Alice

    that she can believe as many as three impossible things before breakfast. I believe that many of them hold to a "it's a good

    way of life" school of thought - which is the answer I got from a well educated elder, who knows much of the "truth" is bogus.

    Examples? A number of the Governing Body sought to dump the 1914 chronology altogether but backed off. Scroeder got

    reamed for telling some Witnesses that the End could be way off in the future. Jackson made an odd offhand remark as if

    the chronology/prophesy set up was just nonsense you could stretch however you wish.

    Here's another example of the weird way they "think" I had a personal conversation with Harry Peloyan ( editor of the Awake)

    some years ago. This was a man responsible for outrageous misquotations and other rank dishonesties printed in the magazines.

    Yet, despite all that falsehood, he lamented that he might not live long enough to see the End because 'maybe we have to preach

    to China'!!!??

    How did the Apostle Paul put it? "Deceivers and being deceived"?


  • atypical

    It seems to me that the first and biggest job of those in control conerns money and liability. Maybe some of the GB actually believe some of the crap, but the lawyers and accountants just worry about profit and loss.

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