Do they themselves believe?

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  • hijack

    kristofer says Quote "I wonder if the GB are actually "jehovah's witnesses" any more" end quote The truth is they were never jehoovers witnesses. That name was chosen BY rutherford in 1931 (I got that date right hehe) We just have seen what a complete goofball rutherford was. Can HIS choosing of the name "jehoover witnesses" be any more credible than the man himself?? Now if the god entity exists then this name is nothing more than a great taunt because every Jdub is a jerk. Here is some dub factolas

  • Calliope

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  • collegegirl21

    I think they know its not, but what are they going to do now? Just stop and say, "Hey we're done publishing everything. Have a nice life." I think that because they are making money off of it and because so many people rely on them that they will just keep on trucking through.

  • lighthouse1956

    That's why I was tring to find out if a GB member ever accepted blood, or if any have died by refusing a transfusion.

  • stevenyc

    The GB are senile and irrelevant. The guys who run the operation dont give a hoot what they believe.


  • Boxed elder bugs
    Boxed elder bugs

    If the GB had any balls they would come on this board and debate us. I challange them to a debate of reason versus fear, if they really had the truth they woudn't have to shun us.

  • GodisRight
    I think for the R&F JWs, it's simply a matter of believing their own lies, the way bpd people do; and for the GB, well, some may believe; some may be complete users. It's more complex, I think, than belief. How many of the current GB are under age 80, I wonder? For them, they're lifers - they've known nothing else. I doubt that many of the GB were/are converts. (i'd love to know!) If you're brought up in it, it's a completely different thing from being converted; although my observations tell me that converts can be even more fundamental and extremist than those brought up in a cult because of the pressure to "prove" themselves to the other extremists. Does anyone know of the stats about the GB?

    Okay, I just answered my own question, and in record time, despite my buzz:

    It looks like the youngest is in his 50's and the majority are in their 80's and 90's. Guess I'll actually have to do some reading and research to find out which ones were "born & raised."

    You see this is the problem. At a certain age people become senile and out of touch with reality. Their brain becomes dull and insuffiecient for progress. I have wondered how can they not see the truth by now? Any country or company would quickly fall into ruin if they allowed themselves to be managed by someone who belongs in an old folks home or playing bingo some where.

    These guys need to be retired. You cannot teach a old dog new tricks. These men are too old to learn new ways of interpretating the scriptures or alternative views. 80 or 90 years old is just plain crazy. At that age can they even govern themselves? These men are like kings who want to stay on the throne to the day they die. They have power and don't want to give up/ How sad!

    This reminds me of the last pope. I often ask myself is this guy up to the task of leading the catholic churh in the right direction? He could barely speak. this mess is just crazy. If I would have known that the WTC old men like pope John guiding the God's "true org", I would have stopped believing in the BORG a long time ago.

  • James Free
    James Free
    It's a good question. To what extent are they dishonest and to what extent are they deluded?

    This is the one and only question where I cannot agree with Ray Franz. He would say deluded, but meaning well. I would say dishonest and meaning well - for themselves.

  • hallelujah

    Apparently they're being directed by Pastor Russell who's apparently sharing God's throne in constellation Pleiades. (see attached).

    PS Check out the the astrology in the watchtower

    WT_1May1903_WTS Astrology (We are being directed by the planets)

    WT6161_1Nov1917_p325_327_Russell as reaper in heaven

    Hence our dear Pastor, now in Glory, is without doubt manifesting a keen interest in the harvest work and is permitted by teh Lord to exercise some strong influence thereupon. Although we recognise that the Lord is the great Master and Director of the harvest, yet we recognise that he would privelege the saints beyond the veil to have a part in the work on this side, and thus all the saints, both in heaven and upon Earth are now given the honour of concluding the work on this side preparatory to the establishment of the kingdom of glory.

    wtr 01Dec1896_re Heaven Located in constellation Pleiades

    heaven is located in or in connection with the heavenly group, Pleiades


    (Any Jedi's up there might check out whether God or Pastor Russell is available on the other side of the veil in constellation Pleiades)

  • TheOldHippie

    If you read their life stories, you will see that many of the "oldies" are converts, whereas the younger ones are not, and the older ones whose life stories have not been printed (Henschel, Swingle) are also not converts.

    Reading Year Books etc. also makes it clear to me, that the converts of the early years, say up until the 30s, to a rather large part were doctors, teachers, head masters - more intellectuals, whereas today there are drop-outs, drug addicts, eccentrics, poorly educated; there is a shift from better to poorly educated ones.

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