This could change the whole world

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  • metatron

    A small US company named EEStor is rumored to be working on a new ultracapacitor to replace batteries. A major investor

    with a solid record of picking winners has recently announced major funding of them. A Canadian company has contracted

    to build electric cars based on their patented device. It promises to be much more powerful than any battery ever developed.

    What's the big deal about this? If this ( or any similar device) pans out, the WHOLE WORLD will undergo a huge social,

    economic and political upheaval. Why?

    Well, the problem of storing huge amounts of electricity in a small package, cheaply and efficiently has never been solved.

    If someone were to build a really good battery, it could:

    radically drop the US trade deficit

    cause a stock market crash as oil and gas plunge in value

    cause upheaval in Arab/oil producing countries

    possibly end concern about pollution and global warming - and wreck some public utilities

    decentralize electrical generation and alter society thereby

    do away with gas/diesel powered cars.

    One really good battery could do all that and much more. Stay tuned......


  • mkr32208

    You'll still need oil gas and coal to GENERATE the electricity! The cars that are now powered by gas will need more electricity to be GENERATED to charge those wonderful batteries! So all that oil that WOULD have gone into the cars tank instead goes into the generating plants tank? 2+2 still equals 4!

    Not that big a change overall I would say!

    Now when they figure out a way to GENERATE huge amounts of electricity without the use of fossil fuels radiation or environmental destruction, then I'll be waiting!

  • metatron

    Right now, you have huge amounts of generating capacity just going to waste at 2am because nobody needs the juice at that hour.

    This could be used to charge electric cars. Furthermore, the pollution at one centralized plant may be far easier to control than

    many (often mistuned or old cars). Utilities have a tough time ironing out the generation peaks.

    Windmills , solar power and hydroelectric could suddenly find an easy means of storage. Countless enthusiasts would set up

    solar panels and charge their new electric cars. Furthermore, electric cars - with a really good battery- would sell explosively

    because the cost of usage and maintaining one are so much cheaper than gas driven autos. The problem has been the lousy range

    and charge time.

    just use your imagination....... this could be big.


  • insearchoftruth

    thanks metatron, you are correct about the unused and wasted capacity. One other important technology for the environment is the fuel cell.

  • rekless

    It doesn't matter what invention comes along we are and will be bent over the barrel and they will continue to drive it in.

  • IP_SEC
    You'll still need oil gas and coal to GENERATE the electricity

    Yes but in normal battery much of this energy is wasted in charging in discarging.

    this is not the case with an ubercapacitor. They can charge almost instantly.

  • flyphisher


    You'll still need oil gas and coal to GENERATE the electricity

    Not absolutely necessary. Source of electricity can be hydropower, nuclear power, wind energy, solar energy and "free energy" (Gibbs energy, chemical reactions, and other, mostly unresearched possibilities).

  • metatron

    Please consider that, so far, not all forms of energy are equivalent, in practical terms. I have solar panels - but that means

    nothing as regards my car. All the electricity in the world won't help me - unless I can store it effectively for that. Windmills are nice

    but what good are they if the wind only blows a few hours a day? Suddenly, many more of them would appear, if the storage issue

    goes away.

    A really good battery would 'level the playing field' in a dramatic way, creating competion between energy sources in ways

    that don't exist at present.


  • Bryan

    Harnessing lightning via the capasitor would be a great tool.


  • Mastodon

    And Then we can take the capacitor and create The Flux Capacitor, install it in an electric car and with a little bit of plutonium we can travel through time and kill CT Russell and Rutherford while still young.
    Went off on a tangent there. This sounds like great news. Will keep on the lookout for more info.

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