Charasmatic Churches (Pentecostal, Assemblies of God, Foursquare, etc.)

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  • LittleToe

    Well I've seen all sorts, but generally the theatrics leave me cold. I would lay claim to having been "baptised in the Spirit" right at the start of my Christian walk, but I've never spoken in tongues even though I've been prayed over for the purpose by some well-meaning friends.

    Charismatic Pentecostals are at the extreme end of the Christian spectrum that is very often plagued by very poor theology. Their claims that you can't be a Christian unless you've been baptised in the spirit and speak in tongues is entirely groundless. Their wacky behaviour is generally deplored by most other denominations as disorderly.

    Hope that helps.

  • freddi

    hi! it is not true that most of us here do not believe in God or the Bible anymore. i most certainly do. after leaving the k.h. i was baptized at a baptist church. i don't consider myself to be baptist though. i have a personal relationship with Christ. don't rely on what others tell you about gaining salvation and being a Christian read God's Word for yourself. there are many gifts of the spirit and God doesn't give any particular one to prove that we are His. last i read is that believing in Christ and accepting Him as your personal savior gives you the right to earn the inheritance as being one of God's children. in my church my pastor doesn't go for those who cry out in this tongue speaking thing and he was raised a pentecostal. if you speak in a tongue there should be one who can interpret what you are saying. who are these ones edifying? only themselves. they only want people to notice them. what displays you as a true believer in Christ is the love that one displays to one another. what sense is it to speak in tongues and still to spiteful and worldly like those who don't know Christ. you are a Christian just for believing in Him and if you feel uncomfortable in the church that you attend pray to God and ask Him to direct you to a church that is based on the Bible and not on some theory that any denomination has made up. God will lead you. focus your eyes only on Jesus and not on those who try to full your head with triffling matters that definetly not lead you to eternal life. God Bless, freddi

  • Gretchen956

    I'm not going to wade into the debate about whether christianity is right or wrong. Its not my path, but others sincerely believe it and bless all that do. However when ANYONE tells you THEIR way is the ONLY way, that is a hugemongous red flag. That is what the witnesses teach and that is what every cult believes.

    Your instinct tells you to stay away, that is powerful, listen to it!

    Sometimes it is helpful to try to understand why people believe the way they do, but it isn't always necessary.


  • snarf

    I was raised in the Assembly of God church and I always questioned the baptized by the holy spirit and speaking in tongues thing. The witnesses say it is from Satan, the pentecosts say it is from God, I still don't know although I am researching this topic. I still don't believe though that you have to be baptised or saved to go to heaven. I think your life after depends on your beliefs and personal trust in God and how you follow those standards in your day to day life.

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