kickboxing anyone?

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  • Legolas
    how do you think royce will do against matt hughs?

    I don't know...I have never seen Royce fight to my knowledge and he has been gone for 11 years, and Matt is good!

    Hubbie said he has a good chance to beat him though...I will just have to order the fight and see!

  • delilah

    My daughter boxed for three years, and it was a tremendous workout. She was constantly running, and doing exercises in order to build up her stamina. She did very well, and fought in three tournaments...she won them all. she had a baby 9 months ago, and is seriously thinking of getting back into it...drop those few unwanted baby pounds, and maybe to compete again. It is very strenuous...

  • snarf

    Thanks delilah, it is nice to hear of a fellow woman make it in "a mans world". I am not interested in tournaments, but then again you never know what the future holds. I am just worried about making it throught the first The classes are 6 days a week. They showed some before and after pictures of alot people who took the classes and they were amazing. That is real cool that your daughter did all that. I went to my first live tournament a month ago and I noticed that the women were more intense than the men, I thought it was the neatest thing. Anyway, hope all who pass by have a great day!

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