CO Visit Nightmares

by Tish 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • vitty

    We never had the CO for a meal, they always had some sort of food fetish!

    I remember a CO complaining that they always had a chicken salad for lunch and that he was going to get it announced at the meeting, no chicken salad. I was livid, I told a sister if he didnt like what was offered he should buy himself a sandwich or something. Ungrateful pig!

    Nowadays its popular to take them out for lunch, it makes it easier and cheaper for the host.

  • greendawn

    "The WTS is the antithesis of giving."

    That is the essence of the WTS mentality a corporation that plays with billions yet is always hellbent on receiving more rather than generously offering christian charity, and this gives their game away since the true organisation which they claim to be, is supposed to give rather than receive. They certainly don't have a culture of generosity.

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