CO Visit Nightmares

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  • Tish

    So I grew up as a JW and my family had no Elders etc so we were not the type to have the honour of CO visiting for Lunch etc.

    So when the opportunity arrived 5 yrs ago I tried to do it all properly. My husband had to go into work at the last minute leaving me with a baby with Chicken Pox and a Son off from school with a twisted ankle, my daughter was high on astma meds which mean't she was throwing roast potatos across the table at the CO's wife whilst I did my best be the hostess with the mostest.

    Sadly my hubbie at the time did not get made a Mini as the elders had hoped until I could control the children!!

    Has anyone else had any funny things happen to them whilst entertaining COs?

  • Virgochik

    Love the story, Tish! Do tell more about the CO's wife getting roasted potaioes flung at her eyes, teehee! I'm sure none of it was funny t the time, but it sure is now!

  • Elsewhere


    the WTS takes from people, it does not give to people.

    This means that the more burdened down a family is (family illnesses, financial difficulties, long work hours, etc) the less the WTS wants to do with you because they know that you will take more than you give.

    The WTS is the antithesis of giving.

  • hamsterbait

    Circuit Overseer came over with his wife.

    Known as a Brother with a "Hearty Appetite".

    We were a family where we sat with the TV on at mealtimes. (new in da troof)

    During supper the CO was looking at the TV and every so often, potatoes or lamb, or peas dropped from his slavering jaws.

    Eventually we all turned round to see a documentary on the marriage rituals of an African People. Close up shots of young guys painting their cocks yellow, sliming the color under and over their foreskins for best effect.

    Wonder what stopped us being considered spiritual?


  • Honesty
    Wonder what stopped us being considered spiritual?


    It must have been the lamb.

    Didn't you know that only the GB are allowed to devour sheep?

  • Tish

    No this was chicken!!

    But seriously don't all COs eat strange we used to have anouncements saying CO is on Hays Diet so no combining your foods.

    I think that's where the COs get the idea of not combining a personality with their job.

    The COs wife if I remember did not get off her lazy bottom the whole time just sat there, frowning n sniffing. For any one from the UK it was the CO who had a fetish with "Do as Ya Mather Tells Ya" refering to the Borg.

    But seriously, the elders said that Jah wanted my hubby to be a MS even though he was having an affair behind me back now that's spirit directed!! But my Group Study Conductor blamed my lack of mothering on why he wasn't not that I was virtually bringing the kids up on my own.

    Oh happy times, I'll have to try and remember some more gems it has been a while since living in DubLand

  • Virgochik

    Haha, Tish, you Brits might snicker at this one... we had a British CO named Bennett who came to take tea at my Aunt's home. You know how us Yanks have not the slightest clue how to make tea properly, or so Bennett informed Auntie. So, he sipped his tea and after awhile, he asked for another cup. Auntie dear boils another cup of hot water and...(gasp) pours it over the same old used tea bag! He huffily informed her, that a proper cup is brewed with a brand new tea bag each time, to which Aunt replied that seemed wasteful, as there was still plenty of flavor left for another cup! She insisted on using each teabag twice, and he quit visiting her house for tea after that!

  • Tish

    Well during the war obviously we would have made it last but we are quite outrageous with our tea bags and hell who cares how much flava is left.

    We also gage how far up north you are by how strong your cup a tea is, so if I get asked I like it slightly north of Dudley, which funnily enough is where an JayDubb Assembly Hall is!!

    Obviously though we are not as fussy as you yanks about the state of coffee, we like our instant over here unless we listen to classical music! LOL

  • Chimene

    The lady that did my book study brought the CO's wife to my house about 5 minutes after my husband and I had just decided that our marraige was over. I told him to tell them I didn't want any company, I was sobbing horribly. The biatch that did my study would not leave!!! I was sooooooooo pissed. They stood outside for 20 minutes, so I finally went out, the car was full of people, and there she stood with the CO's wife. Man, I was embarassed, pissed, you name it. The CO's wife says "I don't know what's going on here, but pray to Jehovah, he'll fix it" yeah right! gggggrrrrr!

  • Tish

    They just probably wanted to carry on and get another hour on the ministry and were upbuilding you. Remember JWs are used to standing on a door for 20 mins when they know nobody is in, that's called pioneering.

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