Changes to the Shunning Practice ? We have just been spoken to !

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  • Mary
    we couldn't help wondering if the Governing Body have issued "new light" on the treatment of disassociated ones.

    Nope, not yet. But I'm pretty sure that soon, there will be an article in the Craptower instructing all faithful ones to mow down apostates with their vehicles------if they can get away with it. It'll fall under "Theocratic warfare".

  • wednesday


    Gary, Blondie,

    that is pretty big

    or am I missing something?


  • Golf

    GB, yeah, swift the blame, like the 1975 hype. The org hasn't changed it's style.


  • gumby
    To me, it seems rare for the Society to rebuke the elders in the pages of the Watchtower magazine in a study article, but that's what was JUST done and the rebuke was about shunning.

    It IS rare for the society to rebuke elders publically especially in a Watchtower Study article...yet they did. Why? Because their asses have been under fire in courts for being labeled as cultish and repressing freedom of speech toward fellow members and causing wrongful deaths by incorrect doctrine.

    The society (GB and lawyers), always passes the blame onto either ....Jehovah ( for testing his people by 'letting them believe wrongly' ) or the publishers ( such as blaming the publishers for being to eager and expecting to much in 1975)..... or they pass the buck on elders to take the blame in courts of law on certain matters such as shunning and blood related issues from complainers, or they divide up in corporations that takes the blame off them. Their chickenshits from the gitgo.


  • DavidChristopher

    All you gotta do is point out how it can adversly affect thier pockets and power...they are easilly convinced and manipulated by money and power. Shunned people contribut less to their KH' has been proven in a poll. LOL IMO

    If all apostates were rich, giving people...they would no longer be "apostates" they would become "brothers". just like if satan repented..he would no longer be satan..he would probably become Christ.?


  • Honesty

    The ONLY reason the Governing Body publicly scolded the elders in the pages of the WACKTOWER is because they are facing the very real possibility that future legal proceedings will deplete the coffers of their cult. By publicly placing the blame for every one of their screwed up policies square on the shoulders of their lowest ranked sales managers the elitists in the organization are doing their best to insulate and distance themselves from impending doom. That is, until they pass on to their eternal reward.

  • one

    ME TOO !

    YES, somenthing going on, just last saturday and sunday several jw spoke to me, telephone numbers were suplied freely to me, VERY long talks with jw I never dreamed about having a conversation.

    Some were asking for other xjw, showing 'interest' in finding out about them etc etc

    REALLY strange... but there you have it, jw act only if corporate (gb) tell them to do it.



    I find the information that you (and others) come up with, to be brilliant. I'm really looking forward to seeing some info on this subject. Can you or anyone else scan the WT article for us?

    many thanks

    Kay Tee

  • Saoirse

    My FIL just gave us this issue.

  • jgnat

    I don't think this is a permanent relaxation of the shunning practice, rather, a hiccup. Blondie can correct me, but it seems to me that the articles have a harsher edge since October/November. There's a lot of emphasis on Satan and the importance of clinging to the organization so close to the "end".

    The sheep, as usual, are being beat for taking the Watchtower instructions so literally. They are to have disdain for those who have fallen away, for sure, and not a word these "other ones" say can be trusted...but warmly welcome them to the memorial!

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