Scans needed for San Diego Sun and Time articles about Beth Sarim

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  • VM44

    I am looking for scanned images of two articles about Beth Sarim.

    I believe they are both online somewhere, but I cannot find them.

    The articles are:

    Rutherford Interview about Beth Sarim, San Diego Sun, March 15, 1930, and

    TIME Magazine Archive Article -- California Cults -- Mar. 31, 1930

    There are some important quotes by Rutherford in these articles that even back in the '30s should have raised some questions among his followers.


  • VM44

    I just found the TIME article, TD posted it a few months ago.

    Now I just need a scan of the San Diego Sun article.


  • hijack

    yep, rutherford was a freak too

  • VM44

    Look at Rutherford's face in the Time article photo. Just what kind of expression would you call that? --VM44

  • rebel8

    Whaaaaat?!! ----->

    • "I have purposely landscaped the place with palm and olive trees so these princes of the universe will feel at home...." ok that one doesn't surprise me as much, but what about ------>

    • "He accompanied the late William Jennings Bryan on his first Presidential campaign tour, announcing him as 'appointed by God to straighten out the problems of the world'."
    • Cosmos III, begun in 1914, will end in 2874, when 'The Kingdom of God' will fill the whole world."
  • hallelujah

    Did Rutherford have any family? I'd be interested to know. From my what I see JW life often becomes more important than family life. Surely it must affect them at the top. I have seen a wife of a 'young anointed' and I think that it impacts on her.

    I downloaded heaps and heaps of scans. I think that they can all be pasted together in pdf and posted as a single document.


  • hallelujah

    "Divinely authorised to know imposters"??? I think what Rutherford meant was that he would pick who he reckons is the real reincarnated David and who is the false and he'd tell (authorise) his followers who was who, which was which, and what was what.

    Sounds like Tibetan Buddhism.


  • Atlantis

    The interview with J.F. Rutherford that appeared
    in the San Diego Sun, March 15, 1930

    "But how will you identify King David or any of the other representatives from God?' Rutherford was asked. 'I thought all that out before I wrote the deed,' the judge replied with a twinkle in his gray eyes. 'I realized the possibility of some old codger turning up bright and early some morning and declaring he was David. The men whom I have designated to test the identity of these men are officers of my societies and have consecrated themselves to the Lord, they will be divinely authorized to know impostors from the real princes.'"

    Time Magazine of Mar 31, 1930 wrote: "Judge Joseph Frederick Rutherford 60, lives in a ten room Spanish mansion, No 4440 Braeburn Rd, San Diego, Calif. Last week he deeded No 4440 Braeburn Road, and adjacent two car garage and a pair of automobiles to King David, Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jephthae, Samuel and sundry other mighties of ancient Palestine. Positive is he that they are shortly to reappear on earth, Said he: 'I have purposely landscaped the place with palm and olive trees so that these princes of the universe will feel at home ..".

    The San Diego Sun of Jan 9 1931 wrote: "A gaunt unshaven tramp has been the lone claimant for the $75,000 Southern Californian mansion of David, king of Israel, since it was deeded to the Biblical character a year ago. This was revealed today by Judge James Rutherford, temporary owner of the luxuriantly furnished Spanish type mansion at 440 Braeburn Rd in the exclusive Kensington Heights district. In one of the oddest deeds ever recorded, Rutherford, president of the International Bible Students Association and the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, has placed in trust the magnificent estate for ancient kings and prophets of Israel. The slayer of Goliath and his companions may occupy the 10 room modern home with it's landscaped gardens and patio as soon as their credentials are approved by Rutherford and officials of his societies, divinely authorised to recognise them.

    One morning as I was going from the house to the garage, a queer looking creature approached me, tipped his dirty hat and cried 'Howdy Judge, I'm David' 'Go and tell that to the winds', I told him and he left without arguing the matter. I could see at a glance that he was not David. He didn't look like I knew David would look.' Asked how he expected David and his distinguished brethren to look, Rutherford, without hesitation, opened his huge Bible and pointed to a verse which said that the Princes of the Universe would be risen from the dead 'as perfect men'. 'I interpret that to mean', the tall dignified Judge declared, 'that David, Gideon, Barak, Samson, Jepthae, Joseph and Samuel will be sent here to wrench the world from Satan's grasp, clothed in modern garb as we are, and able, with little effort, to speak our tongue.' Rutherford pictured the arrival of the biblical delegation perhaps in frock coats, high hats, canes and spats.

    At Beth Sarim (House of Princes) as Rutherford has named his mansion, David will find the most modern appliances that science has devised. When the distinguished guests walk up the circular stairway to the second floor, they will find a large office with red leather chairs and shiny flat topped desk with inverted lighting. Even French telephones await the touch of the princes. Opening a wide door, the native sons of Palestine will behold a large bathroom, resplendent in shiny black tile with needle shower and an amply filled medicine chest. What a thrill giant shouldered Samson, who wrecked a palace with his bare fists might find in the gold safety razor and strop! Rutherford built the second floor bedroom, which he temporarily occupies, large in order to accommodate several of the expected owners. With wide pane windows that look out on the purple Cuyamacas to the East and California's first mission to the north, the bedroom is almost severe in it's furnishings. The rulers of the universe will have simple tastes, the judge apparently believes, although the austere end tables sported gaily covered fiction magazines. Rutherford has imported some Koniach, Wasser from Cologne, Germany to freshen the princely faces after shaving. A black skull cap hangs over one of the bedposts.

    The coming of David and his companions will be the greatest news story of the ages, Rutherford predicted. 'I am not a publicity seeker,' Rutherford said with a twinkle in his kindly brown eyes, 'but I feel that the world should know about their arrival. It will be a great news story.' Word of his 'House of king David' has reached into every corner of the world, the judge stated. 'Everywhere I went people asked me about this place,' Rutherford said. 'In Chicago a millionaire manufacturer offered to build another house for David, but I declined the offer. 'Literally thousands have driven here to see this place,' Rutherford continued. 'Many have come to the door and my secretary has shown them about the place.' The patio with it's silver pool and olive and palm trees is gay with flowers. Down toward the canyon, paths have been landscaped to allow David and his friends to walk in meditation. Many of the fruits and trees, native to their Palestine, will greet the rulers when they arrive. In the two car garage next door stands a new, yellow 16 cylinder coupe which will be turned over to the rulers along with all the personal property on the place. 'Everything will be theirs, the house, the land, the furnishings and even the clothes if they need them,' Judge Rutherford said. 'What will I do? Oh, don't worry about me. I'll manage somehow.' the judge smiled. He had another 'Watch Tower' residence on Staten Island and practically an entire floor at Bethel. The seven famous men will not have long to rest at their San Diego estate because they soon will lead the forces of the Lord to vanquish the minions of Satan at the battle of Armageddon, Rutherford believed. 'But they will win out. The Lord will punish the devil and will show that the preachers and the politicians have been giving the people false counsel,' Rutherford said confidently. Rutherford will sail May 9 for Europe where he will speak before conventions in Berlin, Paris and London."

    (Judge Rutherford in his living room in Beth Sarim - the house originally built for "Abraham, Isaac and the old saints")

  • gumby
    The men whom I have designated to test the identity of these men are officers of my societies and have consecrated themselves to the Lord, they will be divinely authorized to know impostors from the real princes

    Cheapass vodka will do that to a guy ya know.

    Little did the alcoholic know that in the future, many wolves in sheeps clothing would be "divinely appointed"....only to find out these ones were betrayers when they recieved appointment.


    If you need anything additional to this thread, you might look up a thread by FARKLE which dealt specifically with Beth Sarim that had a lot of good info.


  • Snoozy

    You can also find info on this topic in their own books. The one I remember is "Jehovah's Witnesses". It was the first place I learned about this "House" and who it was deeded to etc. They also mentioned how they came to be. The adventists breakoffs..

    I got rid of all the books so I don't remember the exact title of the book but pretty sure it was "Jehovah's Witnesses".. It was a large book and VERY interesting.

    I bet not too many witnesses read it. Or they wouldn't be witnesses..

    Then there is the story about the Cadillac...

    Snoozy Q..

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