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  • freedom96

    I rarely let them in the front door, especially on suprise visit shepherding calls, let alone offer them anything to drink or eat.

  • Slick Willie
    Slick Willie

    Where is simple good will in this org? I mean just basic human kindness. They have to make up rules about serving food and/or drinks on sheparding calls? Maybe more people would stay in the org if they received elders visits with the sole purpose of Christian fellowship and encouragement and just having an amiable conversation. Wonder if they ever thought of that?

    So glad I'm out of this lame ass religion!

  • just2sheep

    reminds me of the geico gehko commercial..."free pie and chips? of course i want free pie and chips. it's pie and chips for free!

  • DavidChristopher

    Does anyone do ANYTHING off the cuff anymore? It seems there are policies and procedures or programs for every occurance in our lives! I find it HORRIBLE!

    I already feel like I live in a world of robots.

    "WILSON!!!" come back!

    (tom hanks in Castaway)

    does anyone else see this?

  • reneeisorym

    I got shepherding calls all the time!! You guys are lucky. They didn't like me because of my out of the box thinking anyway though. I hated them and put them off as long as possible.

    About the food at the calls: I didn't want them there let alone be kind enough to offer them food. Heck no!!

  • blondie

    If they didn't call first, I would send them on their way with a reminder of how rude it was to just drop by.

    Then I always screened my calls; but they never called first.

    I always thought if the elders made appointments and visited just to commend the rank and file, life might be easier for everyone.

    That's what happens when someone is just a hired hand and not the owner of the sheep.


  • IP_SEC

    shepherding in my congo consisted of a lot of commendation and at least one thing to work on as a family or individual. Refreshments were fine if offered. Some did, some didnt.

    Sounds like some hard ass controlling 'lders you had.

  • primitivegenius

    k i had shep calls every first sunday for years. they rotated book studies and when it was your turn then you also had the "privledge" of cleaning the hall and yard work. the elders and ms(me) met and were sent to each major house in that particular book study group. generally always snacks so at least that part didnt suck....... now years and years later... new co said NO MORE SHEP VISITS. except when you been baddie i guess. was a damn good relief to me tho, and when i was makeing a trip to my folks house and saw the elders cars after i had left i kept on driving lol. i went and got lost for an hour and came back and damnit still there grrrrrrrrrrrr.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    Dang! When I was serving as an Elder I would visit each member 2 or 3x's a year. I would make an invitation saying that it would be nice for us to meet and have only words of encouragement over a cup of coffee and cookies.

    I would never bring up negative aspects. My goal was to only talk about positive aspects of the individuals.

    They would even ask to visit them more often.

    What a concidence.

  • SuzieQ

    I just have to say that I did not feel uplifted after a shepherding visit! I'd rather be a real sheep with a dog nipping at my hooves!!! These two Ministerial Servants (I think) came by to talk with me and my son, who was about 12 at the time. I raised my son as a single parent; even after marrying a Brother in the cong. then divorcing him. Anyway, they came in, talked about why they were there which depressed the hell out of me; but then the ax dropped. The one brother said that they thought it best if I were to get married again because my son needed a father. My stomach knotted up and my head was swimming in bright lights. I managed to control myself and to continue being polite, but my faith slowly dwindled after this visit. It may be a good thing if those visits were done away with. I've never been visited by an elder. 35 years experience in JW.

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