Update on my DF'd friend Dee

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  • ObservingTexan

    You can read the history of my DF'd friend Dee here. http://www.jehovahs-witness.com/6/108564/1890778/post.ashx#1890778

    Now for the update. We were talking at lunch this past Friday over at her place. The conservation found its way to DFing and and the like. She told me that she had been on "reproof" for 2 years before being DF'd a couple of months ago. She still shows up at the KH on Sundays and during the week some. Anyway..... I led the conversation towards the UN. We talked about the WT preaching how evil the UN is, blah, blah, blah and she agreed. I began to explain how an organization can join the UN as a NGO and what all that meant. You know the details. I then said this. You should have seen the LOOK on her face! I said did you know the WT had joined the UN as a NGO in the early 90's and had recently withdrew the NGO membership around 2002. The look on her face was as though she had just seen a ghost. We talked about why someone (the WT) would say one thing and do another. She basically was speechless. I told her I would print out the document directly from the UN website and get it to her. She is SLOWLY SEEING THE LIGHT. The advantage I have with her is that I have never been a JW. She knows I don't have an axe to grind or trying to get her to go to my church. I don't attend church anymore even though I found Jesus back in 1974.

    We joke around a lot. I told her I was going by the KH on Sunday and put a pack of smokes and some nudie mags in every car! She thought that was pretty funny. We also talked about the thread someone started about what would you put on a billboard if it stood next to a KH. "This KH has no windows - Car stereo liquidation!" and "Do you want to screw up your life? Come on in!" She thought those were pretty funny.

    She's THINKING.....that's what it takes.


  • anewme

    OT, at my old windowless KH there is a leeetle teeeny camera mounted waaaaay up high under the eves and every meeting the P.O. sits right in front of a monitor watching the parking lot while the speaker drones on and on.

  • kristyann

    anewme... is that true!? Or a joke?

    Observing Texan... it's good that she's at least laughing at that. I don't know too many JWs who would laugh at the joke about the billboard saying "Want to screw up your life? Come on in!" So that's good news!

  • Super_Becka

    Hi ObservingTexan, I've been following your posts and I'm glad to hear that your friend Dee is open to hearing some things that go against WTS teachings. Most JWs, if they still believed in "the Truth", would write that sort of information as "apostate" or evil or whatever and just ignore everything you were telling them, but I think Dee is open to learning the truth about the WTS, and I think that's the first step for her.

    She's THINKING.....that's what it takes.

    Exactly. JWs aren't taught to think for themselves, they're taught to mindlessly believe everything that the WTS tells them and then blindly follow that, but if Dee is willing to think about some things on her own, there's nothing stopping her.

    I'm glad you're making some headway with her. Good luck with your efforts and be sure to keep us posted!!

    -Becka :)

  • IronClaw

    That's usually all it takes OT is just some good ole fashioned thinking. Now if I only can get my wife to start thinking. Told her about the latest elder video of him lying in court, she wont even look at it. Oh well. Maybe some day. I'm happy for ya. Hope everything works out for the best.

    The Claw.

  • Woodsman

    I'm trying to get my wife thinking too. I might show her the UN webpage and ask her what she thinks. I did show her the AP article about the new blood directives.

  • ObservingTexan

    This girl is about to drive me nuts! She went to the KH today.... told my friend who she lives with that the talk was really good, blah, blah, blah. But then she says..... I don't think I will ever go back "in"(i.e. reinstated... you know jump through all those hoops and crap)... my lifestyle is not compatable with what they want me to do. My friend says you can always go with me to the Methodist church with me. Dee says...Oh no.....I believe what they preach.

    QUESTION...... If she believes what they preach.......as a DF'd JW she's "dead meat" at the moment. If she actually believes the WT she will ALWAYS BE DEAD MEAT if she doesn't do the jump through the hoop thing. As a non-JW I am right. Right?

    She's driving me nuts, but I must say we haven't gotten to the "why does the JW bible read so much different than all the other translations yet". If I think about it.....I think she believes in God...wants to believe in God....... maybe just not the WT god. As of now.... she only knows the WT god.

    I only saw her briefly this evening. I will see her tomorrow briefly then I out of the country for a week. I'm going to give her the UN thing I printed from the their website about the WT. When I get back into town I'm going to see if I can get her on here with you guys. Let her feel that she's not alone. We'll see.

    Helping a DF'd JW see the real "light" is like eating an elephant. You gotta do it one small bite at a time!

  • davidsf

    She's thinking which is good, but as long as she's still attending meetings and reading their literature she's still under their "mind control." I speak from personal experience. I was "inactive" for a year, not attending meetings or reading any of their books and magazines, before I felt the fog start to lift from my mind and I could truly think.

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