OLD information for NEW light

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  • garybuss
  • BluesBrother

    i am sure they would say that "It was not Jehovah's due time to reveal it, until 1995"

    The fact that "Christendom" had the right answer all along, seems to be lost on them . I think this change of teaching prepared me for an exit , at least a mental exit if not a physical one, in the late nineties. It was obvious that they were stretching the times to fit the circumstances. They could not sustain the generation teaching any more,

  • IronClaw

    It's the same ole same ole again. Today's truth is tomorrow's Lie.

  • Invetigator74

    I recall in reading in the COC bk, around 1980, a day after Ray's resignation letter was read before the Bethel family, the Bethel elders were called into a meeting with the GB .The late Lloyd Barry spoke in unfavorable terms over using Christendoms commentaries. The Barnes Notes commentary was used in the Service dept. and left out in the open. After Barry's thoughts, the Barnes Notes were keep in a draw afterwards and Randy W. stated they were banned from the libraries for a time . Also too I remember reading, that when Ray Franz approached his uncle Raymond about a biblical question, he was referred to check the Clarke's Commentary. It's ironic how the WTB&TS have used from different commentaries to support their theology,yet let a r&f used one in his further search of the scriptures, and he'd be told the Watchtower publications are good enough.

  • A Paduan
    A Paduan

    You can easily find the expression "this generation" described as being not a literal generation (of course) in Catholic writings, around the year 400

  • dvw

    the new understanding of this "generation", meaning that jesus was speaking about the wicked generation that has always been around and will be here till the very end is the lamest and most panicked load of crap that the gb. ever printed. if this was supposed to be some sort of sign concerning the end, i couldnt think of a more stupid and redundant way that jesus could have said it. if the rank and file buy this crap, the gb. can say "these are the last days, hurry, hurry, but we are going to leave it open ended till time indefinite."

    talk about having your cake and eating it too!

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