Dumping Sodas

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  • Sparkplug

    I am so mad right now. Last night I went to the grocery store. They have ten packs of soda for 10 dollars. I brought them home, and unloaded them. They were stacked up next to the stove nice and neat. All there. Well this morningThere were three missing. It really is no big deal, but I had stopped for fast food and there already were sodas there with dinner. In the middle of the night I had one from the grocery store, and when I woke up this morning, there were 2 gone.

    I think that is too much sugar in one night for the kids to be having. To have a supersize from MCD's and then 2 cans of soda all in an night is not too good for a kid. They also were not sugar free. (I had not had one with dinner)

    To give you a background. There is always stuff missing. I come home and go to make steaks that I bought for dinner. My son was home sick. The steaks are gone. So is a good portion of the groceries for that weeks dinners. When I ask about it, nobody did it. Nobody ever does it. There is some freaking soda drinking fool that comes in our home and drinks our drinks and eats all the "good food". This person always takes the good food. Never a staple. Sometimes there will be a whole 12 pack missing. A weeks worth of meat and cheese for school lunches gone. All the snacks for school lunches. No joke. But nobody did it.

    So this morning I ask if anyone had the sodas, just to give them a heads up so that they know to save the sodas for dinners. That way everyone has some and they should last several weeks.

    Well when I got a complete denial from everyone, I said forget it. I am so tired of this happening. I am not mad over two sodas...but the lying is tearing me up.

    I took all the sodas set them on the counter and had my daughter dump them all. See she does not like soda that much and often will not order or want any. My son on the other hand will beg borrow steal, or sell his sisters for a soda. So he had to see all of these poured out. I said I will not buy them sodas, and there will be no more asking me for pocket change so they can go to the corner store. Basically It was to make a point. The point being is that nobody had to lie. I did not care they drank them, I care that once again someone is lying.

    How do you get the stinking lying to stop?

    You parents that have done this a lot longer...did you go thru this?

    How did you handle it?

    Basically I want to run away from home today.

  • KW13

    Well. Why not sit down and explain that until someone comes forward and admits that they LIED about taking the soda's that there will be only Vegetarian food, no takeaways, no pocket money and no goodies.

    Salad sandwiches for school, water to drink, fruit.

  • Sparkplug

    Well I did that. My family eats a lot of health food and two of the three would love to be vegitarian if I could afford to do it properly. I dumped'the goodies' for the whole two weeks and I told them there is no more. We already go tight, so spending cash really is not that much of an issue and I put money in the school lunch accounts. They do not sell soda at the school.

    With all that said, how in the world do you get someone to fess up when the one doing it obviously does not care at all about consequences and also does not see the damage it does to all concerned when they lie. They just are compulsive about it. I am sure I know who it is, but nothing seems to ever get thru to him.

    I feel so freaking helpless. All should not be punished for ones fault, and the thing is the one does not care to do social things and does not give a damn about others. (Or he would not be eating the whole weeks suppers because he can)

    Pretty much it goes like this. He eats it all and the rest of us have crap food for two weeks till pay day. (beans rice, chicken legs..) you know the very basics.

  • KW13

    I am sorry about your situation. Maybe lock the kitchen...? Set an Alarm on the door that goes off when you open it, go down and catch them red handed.

  • Celia

    How old are the kids? I understand the sodas disappearing if there are young kids or teenagers in the house, but what about the steaks and all the sandwich meat ? Who would eat all that and when? I mean, the steaks need to be cooked first.... Strange ! The lying or not fessing up to drinking/eating the stuff would annoy me to no end too !

  • Sparkplug
    Maybe lock the kitchen...? Set an Alarm on the door

    I have thought about it before. it just seems so extreme. I really do not care about the food. I am worried about what compells this kiddo to do this stupid stuff and lie. Really I am afraid that he is going to ruin his relationships with others as he grows and I am concerned about the lack of caring on his part.

    It is silly really. I feel so stupid even having to address the subject. It is piddly crap stuff that should not even be in question...ya know? Maybe I just need to vent and keep going.

  • LDH

    Hi Sparkplug.

    Well, teenage boys can be ravenous but if it is this much over the top, I will PM you never mind.

    However as regards the lying issue, I don't give my kids the chance to lie. If I see something like the whole pint of HaagenDazs missing when I just bought it the day before, I go to the 16 year old and say, "I REALLY DO NOT APPRECIATE that you did not think enough of me to save some ice cream. I try not to buy too many sweets and that is just a signal that I should buy FEWER."

    I usually get an appropriate look of guilt, embarrasment, a hug and an apology.

    Now the 4 year old. He is a pisser. About two months ago my whirlpool washer broke, and the part took like 3 weeks to come in so I went to the Laundromat and took hellcat him with me. He begged for a treat, so I bought him a rice krispy thingy (first time) out of the vending machine with clear instruction not to open it until we had eaten breakfast. Kind of trying to teach delayed gratification. Anyhow I busted him tearing off a corner and nibbling through the microscopic opening.

    I made the mistake of asking if it was open? Of course it was, and of course he lied and said NO.

    I took it from him which caused him to shriek "No no no I will be good" etc. etc. I then went into the parking lot, threw this mf-er as far as I could hurl it. (he was watching.) I then put him in the SUV with me, and we drove over it and flattened it into the thickness of a piece of paper. It took about 4 backing up and going forwards. His eyes looked like plates they were so big.

    Now I am not advocating for littering, but every time since then I have told him not to open something he hasn't. I also say, "do you remember the rice krispys?"

    I think pouring the sodas was a great idea. A real shocker.

  • Sparkplug
    How old are the kids? I understand the sodas disappearing if there are young kids or teenagers in the house, but what about the steaks and all the sandwich meat ? Who would eat all that and when? I mean, the steaks need to be cooked first.... Strange ! The lying or not fessing up to drinking/eating the stuff would annoy me to no end too !

    My son is 16 and daughter 13. They both have been able to cook most anything for years. I want them to be self sufficient. They can cook, clean, do laundry, yardwork, and bake.

    So you think they (he) would know not to lie.

  • Billygoat


    Could he be embarrassed that he's a growing boy and always hungry? I know when my brothers (twins) were teens and still living at home, my parents had to practically take out a second mortgage to feed them. They ate nonstop and were STILL hungry and of course, never gained an ounce. I know this doesn't excuse the lying issue, but I imagine that he KNOWS he's eating more than his fair share and could possibly be embarrassed by the fact that it's still not enough.

    Just thinking out loud here...


  • freedomlover

    I think andi has a point here........

    He is either embarrassed about being hungry all the time, or he is just doesn't get being socially graceful.
    He is old enough to work somewhat. I know a lot of us worked at younger ages than kids do now and we still managed to fit school and life in. If he can work than he can contribute towards grocery money. Just my 2 cents.

    as far as the lieing....yeh, I can see how that would boil your blood. I would probably try to have a one on one talk with him, without his sister around, and see if you can get anywhere that way.....

    good luck. I'm not looking forward to the teenage years!

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