If homosexuals were treated as the Bible recommends.........

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  • Mysterious

    Murder is still illegal, and yet people still are murdered. And as Gretchen said statistics show that heterosexuals are most often the child molesters.

  • Only 18
    Only 18


    That was a very ignorant comment made by that witness, I appolgize for that.

    I myself am not currently one of JW but i have a very good understanding of their beliefs backed up by 18yrs of studying their religion

    Although i myself do not fully understand Homosexuality, probably because i am hetrosexual, i do support peoples freedom of choice and therefore homosexual peoples rights and so does the bible. It teaches us that god made us with free will and your right it does condem homosexuality but it is up to you what you believe and what you do. I was not right for that person to impress his extremist and ridiculous opinions on another person.

    And as regards the allegation of homeosexual people being child molestors - Ignorant and Misguided

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