So how does the Governing Body represent the FDS?

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  • greendawn

    They do not represent them, they are just paying lip service to them being "annointed", they never consult them or want to hear anything they may want to say and in fact they hate this idea because they want all authority concentrated in the hands so the rest, virtually all the "annointed", are non entities within the WTS.

    I suppose the GB choose to rely exclusively on the USA corporate law that gives them all the authority. Not on a divine appointment as they like to claim.

  • DavidChristopher

    Funny...I would bet if an "annointed" person tried to voice their opinion to the GB, and exault themselves to GB status, I would bet they would be quickly shunned. "Have faith in us....but we are not dumb enough to put our faith in you." ok.

  • Frog

    I had read somewhere that the offical WT policy is that the FDS is made up of all earthly "annointed", yet the GB represents them all. They're not consulted as far as I'm aware, and the GB certainly isn't appointed as a representative democracy by all "annointed" members. It's really quite bizarre when you break it down, the GB (boysclub)/FDS are supposed to be "appointed" but appointed by whom? It's not as though the members of the GB has any higher standing in the eyes of JH than any other member of the "annointed", and yet just a few have all the say and power???

  • Frog

    In my recent development in THINKING I realize more and more the human factor inside the organization: Humans do the writing, translating,....the zeal that leads to expansion: done by humans, all the wonderfull technical equipment (WT programs, MEPS, etc.): done by humans (specially humans that have gone to college and even higher education, since you CANNOT understand stuff like that if you work at Bethel kitchen putting hamburger patties on the grill), whatever acomplishments you see in this organization, its: humans, humans, humans, money, money, money...
    The following is for me absolute proof that the GB is a fraud: I realized it after reading Ray's book and as an elder and having acted as a PO I am sure of this. The Society does not keep a record of any kind of the emblem partakers. When this dawned me I was stunned. But to my knowledge it is the truth. The elders send in a small card after each Memorial to Patterson with the number of partakers. No names, addresses of any kind go out. Furthermore when someone new to the congregation partakes, the elders decide whether to count that person or not. How's that for an arrangement? They know more about the status of various corporation voting members than they do about the supposed channel through which they get their doctrine from.
    both excellent points too good to paraphrase :) x

  • garybuss
    "Jehovah sent good spirits, or righteous angels, to communicate with some humans before the Bible was completed. Since its completion, God’s Word has provided the guidance humans need to serve Jehovah acceptably. (2 Timothy 3:16, 17; Hebrews 1:1, 2) He does not bypass his holy Word by giving messages to mediums. All such present-day messages from the spirit world come from wicked spirits." (Knowledge chap. 12 p. 112)

    Interesting, huh?

  • James Free
    James Free
    nowhere did I see the procedure for how the GB receives information for the anointed around the world. It seems reasonable to me that there would be some sort of arrangement for the FDS to present "new light" to the GB. Anyone know how this is done or even if it is?

    This is impossible to overcome. The FDS is not consulted, but all praise goes to the FDS for everything actually done by the GB and its team of non-anointed helpers.

    However, talk to 95% of Witnesses and they will attempt to explain some vague notion that they must be in contact somehow, but they don't know any specifics...

    It would be so funny if the 'FDS' actually decided to exercise the 'authority' they are supposed to have - they would all be disfellowshipped by the GB for going against 'God's arrangement', you know, the one where the 'FDS' is actually supposed to be in charge...

    The GB claims the FDS gives tacit permission for the GB to represent them by their willing association with them. What they do not mention is the large number of 'anointed' ones who are kicked out for objecting to the GB and its teachings. They then become 'evil slaves'. This is a cool interpretation because the GB can then claim all 'faithful' slaves, i.e. faithful to the GB, back them and all who dissent are 'evil'.

    Truth is, it's very difficult to show Witnesses there is something wrong with their religion if you discuss doctrine. But get them to see the doctrine/explanation of the FDS is in reality a total fiction and the pennies start to drop from their eyes.

  • jwfacts

    I personally know several people that write articles for the Watchtower, and also who wrote some of the current songs. None of them are Anointed.
    I also know several anointed that are considered legitimate that they would never accept articles from because they are not eloquent of speach.
    The majority of articles are not written by either the F&D or the GB, and makes mockery of the F&D teaching.

  • jgnat

    An anointing transmission machine.

  • jaredg

    thanks for all the comments guys. i poised a similiar question to my dad in an email and this was his response...

    A lot of the people who claim to be of the Anointed in my oponion are just faking it! Many of the ones I know who partake are mentally ill. Anyone who wants can come in off the street and partake, but that dosen’t means they are really real. One member of the GB was quoted saying that about ½ of those who claim to be of the Anointed really are. Those of the anointed that are listened to by the GB are real, time tested. They have established a track record of many years of faithful service.

    pretty interesting
  • James Free
    James Free

    Interesting, but it is a shallow attempt to explain things.

    In actual fact, if someone comes in off the street and partakes, they are not counted.

    Also, the official GB stance is that it is not for others to question whether a baptised partaker is 'real' or not. They must always be treated as if they were. And finally, half is still over 4000, and the number of those consulted is a small fraction of that!

    It is a fiction, and NONE of the FDS is asked for their input on who should represent them in the GB.

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