Did you buy new clothes for the Memorial?

by MsMcDucket 19 Replies latest jw friends

  • anewme

    So to answer your question, no, no new Memorial clothes for me.

  • Finally-Free

    I'm not really big on new fancy clothes. I keep my clothes until they wear out. The only time I ever bought clothes for a specific occasion was when my father died. I went out and bought a new shirt and a black tie for the funeral.


  • Ellie

    Yes, but I was young then and very fashion conscious, I bought a new outfit for every single little occasion.

  • pratt1

    My mom certainly made sure that every one in the house had new clothes and shoes for the memorial.

    I know it was silly, but it was the only thing that made the event important to me.

  • snarf

    Memorial, conventions, assemblies, you name it, i bought new clothes for it. I even bought a new outfit for the last meeting I went to.

  • skeeter1

    It was a REQUIREMENT in our house.

  • Frog

    nope, I always felt the inclincation to where classic and black for the memorial.

  • Soledad

    My mother made a big fuss every year about getting new clothes and shoes and all else(accesories, hair dos, etc). I went along with it for a while, but then one year I got fed up with all the fussing and told her how ridiculous the whole thing was and that we resembled Christendom for acting this way (I know that sounds horrible now but I was such a good dubbie back then!). She never bought new clothes for memorial again after that.

    The memorials in my area used to be nothing more than over the top pageantry. The meeting would occur in a civic center or community hall, not in our regular KH because there were so many attendees expected (mostly IA and DF people, not anyone that was actually interested!) and that gave many folks even more reason to showoff and act ludicrous. You would think there was a red carpet in front of the building the way people carried on; taking pictures, wearing faux furs and fake diamonds! I remember one JW even showcased his new CAR on memorial night. He had the damn thing parked in his garage for over 2 months, just waiting only for the memorial to drive in that car for the first time!

    I would be so relieved after it was all over. Only later on would I learn that almost everyone in the hall would go out to eat afterwards, like an ongoing yearly tradition. I was only invited one time in all those years.

  • Snoozy

    I am still laughing at the poster that said "I was young then" and their info says they are now only 26?...Like young to me is 40..

    Anyway..back to the question..I am shocked!..I can't believe everyone bought new outfits at the store ?

    The only way to be a good little witness is to make your own outfit...

    Myself and a few other "ladies" used to get together and make out outfits..mind you I was a mere child of 25 or so hanging around a bunch of ladies in their 40's...or older...

    Course I had kids as old as theirs so I felt older..

    One lady (witness) used to make her whole spring line at that time..used to drive us nuts..we weren't that into sewing!..

    Yep..everyone used to show up in their "Spring outfits"..aka..Easter Outfits"...couldn't fool me.

    Snoozy Q..

  • serendipity

    We had a tradition of getting new memorial outfits. It stopped being important to me around the time I was 20 or so.

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