Looking for a decent artist...

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  • rwagoner

    I am trying to find someone who can draw decently...I want an aposto tattoo and I know what I want it to look like but completely and totally lack any artistic ability....None..zilch...zip.

    Any closet artists out there ? Want your work to live on this wacky guys body ?...scary I know !

    Either post or email me directly...email is on the profile !



  • bem

    Randy I am neither decent or an artist, So I can't help you there. not sure if they charge more at other places to do it for you or not but where I got my tattoo's the artists there would draw anything I wanted. so if you know what you want give your idea to them maybe they will do the work for you.

    all the best on what you want. ~ Dorothy

  • rwagoner

    Hi and thanks....

    I have a few tats already and Yes...I could get it drawn there but I work nights and the place is always packed so there is only 1 day a week that I can get into the shop...so if I don't show up with camera ready art so to speak then I would have to return to the shop 2 or 3 times to proof the work and then finally get it done.

    I just know there must be some artistically talented people on here that might like the chance to draw an anti jw piece of art...or that maybe already have something similar to what I'd like.

    Call me lazy.

  • DigitalFokus

    I am not saying that i am a great artist but i designed my last tattoo and love designin them. I need to know a few things


    syle type

    as long as it says "aposto"?

    need more info on what exactly your looking for bro

  • rwagoner

    Yep...happy to go over all the details of what I am looking for but wanted to post to see if anyone was even interested first.

    Probably sounds silly but I'd rather put it over email so someone else isn't wearing my idea before I am. LOL

    I see it as monochrome...blacks and greys...but I am not against some limited color to make it POP

    Probably won't say "aposto" but some other word(s) to get the message across.

    Anyone that is interested can email me directly.... [email protected]

  • theinfamousone

    sorry to hijack ur thread here, but i could use one too... i need an all black phoenix, kinda tribal, sorta coming from flames... anyone up to that challenge?? pm me... thnanks yo..

    the infamous one

  • DigitalFokus

    main guy, check your email

    infam: my best friend has prolly the perfect tat of what your asking on him i can get you an origianl design if you want. email me

    [email protected]

  • bem

    TIO: these were cool Hopefully I am working this link thingy right if not some are here, http://www.skullytattoo.com/tat_phoenix.html

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