.....of the who the heck started this class...???????????

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  • Billygoat

    Lisa, you always were a class act.











    *crickets chirping*

  • kittyeatzjdubs

    lol @ BG

    dontcha hate it when that happens?

    luv, jojo

  • unclebruce

    Focus is the founder of a number of Watchtower related forums notably those on DeJaVu.

    He is an awesome intellect and doesn't suffer fools gladly. His imput is sadly missed here.

    Just what is Prominent Bethelite up to now?


  • tijkmo
    Without a doubt I use it the most on this board.

    i beg to differ...

    tijkmo of the objecting to the use of the phrase without a doubt on the grounds that whenever wt used it it was because there was in fact a large element of doubt and was unprovable one way or another class

  • Frog
    What chaos! A total of 325 Classes

    wow, that's something huh?!...good extraction work unclebruce :) x

  • unclebruce
    *reproached-bullock-don't-know-what-it-means-but-it-sounds-funny class*

    G'day Rebel8,

    This was Focus refering to a corrective SLAP! I'd given him earlier (with reference to an Australian poem called "when the leaders break the yoke"). Now Slapping and ThhhhwwwWWWACKING is something I do make claim to!

    Please note the "Class Post" is not my research but that of FOCUS (my one-time partner in anti-crime).

    You can find Focus posts by clicking on members above.

    unc who rarely has class.

  • unclebruce

    Further Clarification:

    Many of us refered to ourselves in one class or another before focus posted this but he really started an avalanche here - one that drove him nuts as every man woman and cat began ending their posts with: "_______ of the ______ class" (except yours truly who immediately abandoned the term till this last week

    unclebruce of the I love Focus class!

  • Satanus
    144,000 Class
    20,736,000,000 Class
    Abel Class
    Achan Class
    Aggressive Class
    Altar Class
    Amaziah Class
    Ammonite Class
    Amos Class
    Ancient Class
    Ancient Worthy Class
    Anointed Class
    Anointed Remnant Class
    Antagonistic Class
    Anti-pas Class
    Antitypical Levite Class
    Apostatized Class
    Apostle Class
    Arisen Class
    Aryan Class
    Beloved Class
    Betrothed Class
    Bird Class
    Bitter Class
    Blemished Class
    Body Class
    Bride Class
    Bridegroom Class
    Brier Class
    Brother Class
    Caleb Class
    Camp Class
    Carnal-Minded Babes In Christ Class
    Chaff Class
    Changers Class
    Chief Class
    Chieftain Class
    Child Of God Class
    Childlike Class
    Chosen Class
    Christ Class
    Christian Sanctuary Class
    Christiania Class
    Church Class
    Churchianity Class
    Composite Class
    Conqueror Class
    Consecrated Class
    Cream Class
    Created Class
    Creditor Class
    Critic Class
    Cultured Class
    Dan Class
    Dangerous Class
    Darkened Class
    David Class
    Dead Class
    Debtor Class
    Deceived Class
    Dependent Class
    Depraved Class
    Desirable Class
    Dictator Class
    Dignified Class
    Disciple Class
    Disfavored Class
    Dishonorable Class
    Dispensable Class
    Disreputable Class
    Dog Class
    Eagle Class
    Earthly Class
    Earthly Hope Class
    Edom-Idumea Class
    Edomite Class
    Elder Class
    Elect Bride Class
    Elect Class
    Elijah Class
    Elijah-John-The-Baptist Class
    Elijah-Like Class
    Elisha Class
    Enthroned Class
    Envious Class
    Esau Class
    Esther Class
    Eunuch Class
    Evil Slave Class
    Exalted Class
    Ezekiel 44 'Gate Shut' Class
    Ezekiel Class
    Faith Class
    Faithful and Discreet Servant Class
    Faithful and Discreet Slave Class
    Faithful and Discreet Steward Class
    Faithful and Wise Servant Class
    Faithful and Wise Steward Class
    Faithful Class
    Favorable Class
    Favored Class
    Feet Class
    Fighting Class
    First Class
    First-Born Class
    Firstfruit Class
    Flock Class
    Foolish Virgin Class
    Foreknown Class
    Fourth Class
    Gershonites Class
    Glorified Class
    Glorious Class
    Goat Class
    Goats Class
    Gold Class
    Governing Class
    Great Class
    Great Company Class
    Great Crowd Class
    Great Multitude Class
    Great Restitution Class Great Teacher Class
    Groom Class
    Ground Class
    Harvest Class
    Heavenly Class
    Heavenly Hope Class
    High Angel Class
    Higher Class
    Highest Class
    Hireling Class
    His Bride Class
    His Jewel Class
    Holier Class
    Holiness Class
    Honored Class
    Hopeless Class
    Humble Class
    Hypocrite Class
    Improper Class
    Infant Class
    Influential Class
    Inspired Class
    Intractable Class Isaac Class
    Ishmael Class
    Israel Class
    Jacob Class
    Jehu Class
    Jeremiah Class
    Jerusalem Class
    Jew Class
    Jewel Class
    Job Class
    John Class
    Joint-Heir Class
    Jonadab Class
    Jonathan Class
    Joshua Class
    Judas Class
    Judge Class
    Justified Class
    King Class
    Kingdom Class
    Kingly Class
    Laity Class
    Lapsing Class
    Large Class
    Lazarus Class
    Levite Class
    Levitical Class
    Little Class
    Lord Class
    Lordly Class
    Lords over God's Heritage Class
    Lower Class
    Lowest Class
    Loyal Class
    Lunatic Class
    Man Of Perdition Class
    Man Of The True God Class
    Man With the Writer's Inkhorn Class
    Many Class
    Mediator Class
    Messiah Class
    Messianic Class
    Millennial Age Class
    Ministers of the Gospel Class
    Minor Class
    Mordecai Class
    Mordecai-Esther Class
    Moses Class
    Mustard Seed Class
    My Bride Class
    Mystery Class
    Naomi Class
    Needy Class
    Neglected Class
    Nehemiah Class
    Nephilim Class
    Nethinim Class
    Nicodemus Class
    Nominal Class
    Nominal Temple Class
    Non-Elect Class
    Numerous Class
    Obedient Class
    Obscure Class
    Official Class
    Opposite Class
    Opposition Class
    Ostracized Class
    Other Sheep Class
    Outcast Class
    Overcomer Class
    Overcoming Class
    Parent Class
    Pastor Russell Class
    Peculiar Class
    Penitent Class
    Permanent Class
    Peter Class
    Pharisaical Class
    Pharisee Class
    Philistine Class
    Preacher's Class
    Preaching Class
    Priest Class
    Priesthood Class
    Priestly Class
    Principal Class
    Prodigal Class
    Prophet Class
    'Prophet' Class
    Prophetic Class
    Prophet-like Class
    Putty Class
    Reformer Class
    Reigning Class
    Religious Class
    Remnant Class
    Reproached Bullock Class
    Reputable Class
    Resident Class
    Restitution Class
    Restless Opposition Class
    Royal Class
    Running Class
    Ruth Class
    Ruth-Naomi Class
    Sadducees Class
    Saint Class
    Saintly Class
    Salt Class
    Salter Class
    Samaritan Class
    Sanctified Class
    Sanctuary Class
    Saul Class
    Scapegoat Class
    Sea Class
    Seashore Class
    Second Class
    Second Company Class
    Second Death Class
    Secondary Class
    Seed Class
    Seeking Class
    Select Class
    Separate Class
    Servant Class
    Servants of the City Class
    Sheep Class
    Silver Class
    Simon Magus Class
    Sinner Class
    Sister Class
    Slave Class
    Son Of Heaven Class
    Special Class
    Specific Class
    Spirit-Begotten Class
    Spiritual Adultery Class
    Spiritual Class
    Splendid Class
    Spurious Class
    Standfaster Class
    Steward Class
    Submerged Class
    Subordinate Class
    Subsidiary Class
    Suitable Class
    Superior Class
    Swine Class
    Tare Class
    Tarried Class
    Temple Class
    'The Man in Linen' Class
    'Thee' Class
    Third Class
    Tribulation Class
    True Bride Class
    True Wheat Class
    Unfaithful Class
    Unprincipled Class
    Unsaved Non-Elect Infant Class
    Unsuitable Class
    Upper Class
    'Us' Class
    Vile Class Viper Class
    Virgin Class
    Watchman Class
    Wheat Class
    Wicked and Slothful Servant Class
    Wicked Class
    Winnowing Class
    Wise Virgin Class
    Worldly Class
    Worst Class
    Worthies Class
    Zealous Class
    Zerubbabel Class
    Zionistic Class


    Then, there's ranks, also courtesy of focus:

    Focus to the rescue:


    1 Less Senile Man Who 'Specially Advises' The President of the WTBTS
    2 The President of the Watchtower Society of Jehovah's Witnesses
    3 Jehovah God [As WTBTS President interprets/'explains' all... ]
    4 Charles Taze Russell, occasionally The Faithful & Discreet Slave
    5 Michael=Jesus, Satan [Jesus/Satan oddly confusable in WTBTS literature]
    6 Other Governing Body Member (White)
    7 Other more submissive Archangel
    8 Writing Staff Member
    9 Common or Garden Angel/Spirit
    10 Other Committee head
    11 Higher-Up Biblical Prophet (e.g. "Moses" Class)
    12 Other Governing Body Member (Black or servile)
    13 Prominent Bethelite
    14 Biblical Prophet (e.g. "Ezekiel" Class)
    15 Other Committee Member
    16 Male Biblical "Honorable Mention" (e.g. "David" Class)
    17 Branch Overseer
    18 District Overseer
    19 Circuit Overseer
    20 City Overseer
    21 Presiding Overseer
    22 Elder with influence
    23 Common or Garden Bethelite
    24 Male Anointed One (active) ("Anointed Remnant" Class)
    25 Common or garden Elder
    26 Ministerial Servant
    27 Male Special Pioneer
    28 Male Pioneer
    29 Male Auxiliary Pioneer
    30 Male Anointed One (less active)
    31 Male Alleged Anointed One
    32 Male Dead Anointed One
    33 Male Regular Publisher (but if non-JW spouse, lower)
    34 Male Irregular Publisher (but if non-JW spouse, lower)
    35 Male Inactive Publisher (but if non-JW spouse, lower)
    36 Male Dead Publisher
    37 Female Biblical "Honorable Mention" (Ruth Class, HIGHEST for a Female)
    38 Female Anointed One (active)
    39 Female Anointed One (less active)
    40 Female Alleged Anointed One
    41 Female Dead Anointed One
    42 Female Special Pioneer
    43 Female Pioneer
    44 Female Auxiliary Pioneer
    45 Female Regular Publisher (but if non-JW spouse, lower)
    46 Female Irregular Publisher (but if non-JW spouse, lower)
    47 Female Inactive Publisher (but if non-JW spouse, lower)
    48 Female Dead Publisher
    49 jW with suspected "worldly leanings" (or who forgets to dress per code)
    50 jW with at least one DF/DA relative (if they misbehave, becomes a C-59)
    51 Marked jW
    52 Reproved jW
    53 Male unbaptized Associate
    54 Female unbaptized Associate
    55 Male child of jW (sub-Class rank depends on Congregational Rank of Pop)
    56 Female child of jW (sub-Class rank depends on Rank of Pater)
    57 Male child of unbaptized Associate
    58 Female child of unbaptized Associate; Dead unbaptized associate/family
    59 "Spiritually Weak" jW; Dead non-jW who never heard the message; Hitler
    60 jW known to have "Apostate Leanings", Other Dead;Mother Teresa (dogmeat)
    61 Male householder starting a Bible Study
    62 Female householder starting a Bible Study; any who paid for literature
    63 Other Male adult (Catholics, Beardeds and Smokers at the bottom)
    64 Other Submissive Female adult (ditto); Rapist [subject to Flicker Light]
    65 Other Male Child
    66 Idiot, Infidel or Lunatic
    67 Other Female Child
    68 Co-operative & submissive & clean non-jW Spouse of jW (Male higher)
    69 One suspected of "running ahead of Jehovah" (never forgivable)
    70 Co-operative & submissive non-jW Close Family of jW (Male much higher)
    71 Non-human animals (snakes and bottom-feeding pond scum excepted)
    72 Householder (either sex) who has politely said "not interested"
    73 Householder (either sex) who has said "get lost"
    74 Householder (either sex) who has offended (marked for early destruction)
    75 Householder (either sex) who set household pet on jW (likewise)
    76 Internet User or Child-Molester (unless Elder, in which case can be OK)
    77 Unsubmissive Female; Demon
    78 Unco-operative or unsubmissive or unclean non-jW Spouse of jW
    79 Unco-operative or unsubmissive non-jW Family of jW
    80 Formally Disassociated One
    81 Bottom-feeding Pond Scum
    82 Informally Disassociated One
    83 Serpent
    84 Living Mass-Murderer; Trinitarian (if different)
    85 Masturbator, Homosexual [taught as basically the same thing]
    86 One said to be pending J.C. [to jW this means not Jesus!] proceedings
    87 Opposer who was never associated
    88 jW who accepts Blood Transfusion
    89 Clergyman, other Harlot
    90 Opposer who had been associated
    91 Pope, other Great Whore; George Orwell
    92 Disfellowshipped One (unless lower still)
    93 Shunned One (unless lower still)
    94 Member of "Swine" Class (unless of even lower rank)
    95 Vomit-Eating Dog, Apostatized One (Watters-Penton-Reed Class)
    96 Member of "Evil Slave" Class (e.g. Ray Franz Class)
    97 Demonized One (e.g. Feuerbacher-Bergman-Raines-JanG-JH Class)
    98 One who Attempts to Tape-Record Judicial Committee proceedings
    99 Wicked Demonized One (e.g., W.F.Salter-Focus-Farkel-Steinhaug-Kotwal-Hovland Class)
    100Viprous Concealed-Apostatical One (e.g. Prominent Bethelite AntiType)

    "God is not the author of confusion " - 1 Cor. 14:33

    See! It is simple, just like the "Good News" viz. that those with Rank numbered 60-100 get destroyed at HAR!-MaggieDonAndOnAndOn or never get brought back. Hitler comes back, Mother Teresa does not, typical Watchtower "justice". Do I get thanks for having made it all so simple (in the inimitable style of dear Chas Russell)?

    (Rank #99 - but has contacts even further down! Class)


  • LDH

    BG you make me snort girl. I smile everytime I see that picture.

    UB, I belong to the "I don't give a shit what Focus thinks Class."

    To me, it was a great way to poke fun at all of the things I use to take so seriously, as though they were the 'deep things of God.'

    Good Therapy, man!

  • unclebruce

    LDH No one (and I mean no one) thumped Focus harder than I did (regretably it was me who taught him to THWACK!)

    I miss the mans awesome intellectual power.

    unclebruce ps: All was not lost - you did think enough of what he posted to adopt his class motif (submission comes in many forums forms my dear

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