144,000 are you one of them?

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  • Joe Witless
    Joe Witless

    I like to ask JW's why does the GC get tested twice for their reward and the 144,000

    once for their reward .

  • heathen

    Joe Witless-- That would be sweet if you did ask them . I could imagine the answer they would give ....

    Because it says in revelation that they are the first resurrection and the promise is that the second death has no authority over them .

    The fact they are resurrected never seems to wake them up as to the martyrdom that took place for bearing witness to jesus as to why they died in the first place .They have some screwed up dogma about dying as to the world or a symbolic death that makes no sense whatsoever and is just a way for these fakes to suspend the disbelief and keep members from realizing the truth .

  • Tish

    Well, I was told that I was not as I was too young when I was growing up in those days it had to bee you had seen 1914, but now the 30s when did that happen??

    Is this new light or was I asleep in that WT?

  • Gary1914

    Star Moore wrote:In Rev. 7 it talks of 144,000 being from the 12 tribes of Isreal... I believe the Jews make up a large part of the 144,000. Yes, it is taught that 12,000 come from each of the 12 tribes which makes 144,000. The strange thing is that the number 12,000 is a figurative number. However, the sum of these 12,000 from each of the 12 tribes, i.e, 144,000, is a literal number. How can that be? I don't know.

  • heathen

    Tish-- I think 1935 cut off came around sometime during rutherfords reign . That's a good question and I would like to know the facts on that one as well.

    Gary1914 --- It's very argumentative which parts of the passage are literal . Personally I think the number 144k is literal and the part about the tribes of Israel is symbolic . This promise was not given exclusively to ethnic jews . The 2 folds of sheep jesus was talking about had to do with the jews and gentiles not anointed and great crowd as the WTBTS says .

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas


    In fact, I am TWO of them.

    I bought the anointment of an old and enfeebled member for a nice bowl of beef stew. He didn't mind - he was hungry and jehovah was all out of manna. Besides that, he had been around a long time and was beginning to have doubts. He decided that my promise of a bowl of stew was more likely to come true in his lifetime than the Watchtower's promise of invisible glory.

    So now I have a double annointing. I'm sure it will create a little "buzz" in the realm beyond when I get there and they check the book and find that I do have a double share.

    But I'm no fool. I'm pragmatic. I realize that a few years from now a nice hot bowl of stew might look awfully yummy, and I have no qualms about selling my double share to anyone qualified to purchase it.

    In the meantime, consider the nature of supernatural claims and how impossible it is to either verify or falsify them. If we're not careful, just any old Bozo can come along and announce a new twist on salvation. There will be plenty of folks queueing up to partake too, just as they did in Rutherford's day. A baloney sandwich or a nice bowl of beef stew is more substantive than such a ridiculous claim.

  • heathen

    Well that's nice but in my opinion Nathan , all you had to do was pray for holy spirit to begin with and that's something I never hear mention of during dubby prayers at the hall or during meetings . The bible does not say the great crowd is not anointed , I still think the only difference is that the 144k are martyrs and the death they exsperience is literal and not symbolic , they literally die on account of the good news . The GC survives the GT and escapes to the kingdom of the heavens while God exacts vengeance and all that stuff there .................................. I believe it's a book publishing corporation that tries to turn it's members into a voodoo zombie slave ........

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