144,000 are you one of them?

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  • Joe Witless
    Joe Witless

    I know one thing if you take the number literaly you need to take the race


    You have to belong to one of the tribes listed in Revelations.

  • JCinme

    I really appreciate everyone's input and understaning. Right now I am satisfied with my answers. I am taking a world religions class and today we were discussing some things on JW's and the question as to who are the 144,000 came up so I though I'd try and find out. If I come across more questions I will ask. Oh, I thought of a question. Is it true that as a JW you are not suppoed to read the Bible or study it without having a Watchtower Official or someone help you and guide you along, answering your questions etc..?

  • Honesty
    Is it true that as a JW you are not supposed to read the Bible or study it without having a Watchtower Official or someone help you and guide you along, answering your questions etc..?

    Actually, JW's are discouraged from reading and studying the Bible without using Watchtower publications to 'assist' them in understanding what it really means.

    I forgot to do this a couple of times when reading and studying the Bible. Now I am called evil names like 'apostate' and 'wicked one' and shunned by my former friends and family because the Bible doesn't say what the Watchtower society says it says.

  • theinfamousone

    according to their last magazine... there are two very key requirements... you need to be a man, and u need to have a kick ass white beard... i asked my mom about this and she told me, well, theyre not men or women, theyre angles... and i said why the beards then.. and then why are the angels allowed to have beards and i wasnt when i was a j-dub??? she had no answer...

    the infamous one

  • heathen

    Personally I think the 144k are all men that die as martyrs for the sake of bearing witness to jesus . They also live as eunichs , I think it applies even if they are married . As far as eating and drinking the emblems go there is no passage that says it's exclusive to the 144k , you can only approve of yourself . There are scriptures that state if you don't eat or drink you have no life in you at all and jesus also said to keep doing it in rememberence of him until he returned but the WTBTS seems to construe this to mean it's only for the "anointed" . I also feel that the GC can be anointed with spirit and will enter the kingdom of the heavens during the GT in order to escape the coming destruction of planet earth .

  • dinah

    If I were married to a eunich, I would be mad.

    But yes, 12 is a complete number. I don't take that number as being literal.

    Anybody got a recipe for unlevened bread? I think I have the wine thingy covered.

  • GodisRight

    Actually, I have confirmed that 144,000 is in fact a symbolical number. I remember something about a 144 cubits size of the temple or something? Anyway, the number is definately symbolic. The great crowd and 144,000 are actually one and the same. Does Governing Body know anything about dualist prophecies?

    in case anyone wondering, the 7 bowls, 7 seals, and trumps are actually mean same thing also. The bible heavly emphasises itself/

  • Clam

    Welcome JCimne

    Hope you find out what you need for your studies. There are a lot of knowledgable people on this board who can provide you with lots of clear information about any matter concerning the Old and New Testaments. So even if it isn't JW related you may like to visit the board for info. Take care. PS - Pay no attention to Kittyeatzjdubs. My records show she's number 121,408

  • greendawn

    That is the question, a JW says I am of the annointed but what I could never understand is why God chose him/her to be part of that very small (according to the JWs) group. I think there has to be a reason and the "annointed" will have to show some spiritual works that are way above those of the rest, either from the past or at least in the future. That God chose them out of some whim doesn't make sense. If there is a requiement for high standards and the GB can not reach those standards then it's easy to see why they keep quiet on this issue.

  • Frog

    so Severus, does your time on JWD count towards your monthly S8C?! While I wouldn't like to see you disappear from the board on account of conscience, I do find it a completely bizare how practicing and believing JWs who post here can justify it to themselves? In my experience they have almost always been heading to the fence line about unconsciously throw themselves on to the other side. Could it be possible that you feel more comfortable in the presence of so-called apostates on account of the majority here using their powers of reasons more critically than a large majority of those still in the org? frog x

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