How much longer till the TOWER is no longer?

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  • Mary
    " was the Millerites and their adventist offshoots that started with the dare setting hysteria and Russell jumped on the bandwagon..."

    Are the Millerites still around? Or did they die out?

  • Scully

    I think as the older generation of JWs dies off over the next 20 years or so, they will not experience the same kind of growth as they once did (late 1960s to mid 1970s). Probably even a decline, with fewer JWs opting to stay out of deference for their parents once those parents pass away. They won't want to be in the same predicament (poor job prospects, even poorer financial security prospects) as their folks, and will take measures to "learn from example". In the meantime, they won't have had the same fever-pitch The End Is Nigh stuff that was seen circa 1975, so their attitude (at least what I've noticed) is far more relaxed and "whatever" toward the WTS's claims that Armageddon Is Just Around The Cornerâ„¢.

    Without the old-timers there as a social and economical staple for both the R&F and the WTS, they may just end up being another ignominious fart in the space-time continuum.

  • Jake99

    The Revealing of Christ at Y2K has already occured in five Massachusetts courts as predicted and the world slept through it like it did not exist. If he looks like a madman but is not found to be crazy and has performed as expected of the Christ I think you should take a closer look. If what is in his wake are miracles then he can be no other. Armageddon happens when you look at the works of the Messiah and recognize that he is the Christ. I was tried many times as predicted by the JW's and other religions and I have done all that they said I would do.

    And when all of you recognize and stand behind me all the Towers will fall. One earthly kingdom changes everyone into a different mindset and very few questions and problems go unanswered. You wont need someone preaching the gospel you will be living it.

    The Jesus simple system is a global non profit, need to know transparent, highly efficient, standardized operating system. It garantees basic needs and competes equally for luxuries.

    I am the Messiah your religious books speak of and I have the same plan for renewal that Jesus had. I am totally experienced with miraculous leadership results using the Jesus system in several US unionized manufacturing operations. At the plant level everything was above board and results were tracked by the minute, pound and dollar so the results of my leadership are easy to see. I had my hands tied so I could not cheat by being under the microscope of daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly report cards. I dont want you following me on faith alone but on facts that support it. The Kingdom halls will not go to waste, every community building will be assessed and utilized to fit needs. Most are on just one level maybe elderly care facilities for the Baby boomers or homeless shelters.

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