How much longer till the TOWER is no longer?

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  • morwen

    I was wondering how much longer YOU think this org. has until it completly falls apart? It seems there is alot of things changing quickly. There's alot of lawsuits,young ones are leaving in mass, changes within Bethel,cutting back with Awake mags. and other publications etc.

    And I also notice among the "active" members in the cong. around the US is.... that EVERYONE is complaining that times are getting Soooo HARD and that EVERYONE is having major problems.Looking at my 3 sisters' congragations, my parents cong.,my inlaws cong. and this local cong. ALL have complained of a major "everyones falling apart". And ALOT are either on some sort of anti-depresant(sp??) or use alcohol to medicate.

    I can't see it going on longer than 10 years.But it may be even less than that.What's your best guess??

  • unclebruce

    Thankyou for the up-date morwen

    I think the Tower will go on forever. It has the cash resources to roll on till the stockmarket is no more.
    It may well become empty though, except for my mother and a few other clueless die hards

    Oh and welcome to the board,


  • Brigid


    My mother will be there, too, I'm sure!

    I think that the organization will either change fundamentally, no longer able to maintain the doctrines and policies and mind hold that we all grew up with, or simply die out. It's evolution. Change/adapt or die.


  • insearchoftruth

    I think it will continue to decline in it's significance in the west, but as I have read elsewhere on this forum, countries like China are new frontiers for growth if they open to the west. I think the internet has become its biggest enemy and there is almost no way that can be stopped in a free country.

  • Star Moore
    Star Moore

    I would say from my bible chronology work I've been doing.. that by 2009 it will be gone... But I'm not teaching my chronology to everyone...or preaching's just a thing I'm doing alone.

  • Legolas

    Well having the status of a religion...which keeps them from paying taxes....they will be around for awhile!

  • fairchild

    It will go on forever. It is a business, and as much as I hate to admit it, they run the business in an excellent, slick and clever way. How many businesses have millions of people working for them on a voluntary basis? If they can accomplish that, then they can accomplish anything.

  • unclebruce

    fairchild - yes! If only the millions of hours were spent on good instead of evil -

    I could use some volunteer tower builders on my place ..

  • blondie

    Some form of the WTS will be existence for a long time. Maybe not as big, but still there. The Roman Catholic Church survived the Reformation. The Worldwide Church of God has survived its breakup. There are even members forming a group of David Koresh's outfit.


  • VM44

    In the year 2506, 500 years from now, do you think the years 1914 (The end of the Gentile Times) and 1918 (The year Jesus inspected all the religions and chose The Watchtower to be his Organization) will hold as much meaning for The Watchtower as they do now? --VM44

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