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    Seven of ten (or is that seven often?),

    I want to congratulate you for having the initiative to read posts on this forum. That in itself makes a positive statement about you. It is a good start in allowing yourself to think for yourself and question what you have been taught. The truth has nothing to fear from examination, does it?

    We are no stranger to the anger and frustration that you seem to be feeling! Most of us that post here have been in that place at one time or another. That is one reason that some of us no longer support that organization, because of the narrow interpretation du jour imposed upon its members. I would encourage you to read more of the recent posts before you hastily dismiss us as "losers", however.

    I believe that you will find most to be genuine, loving, and sincere. Most still believe in God, even though we have been burned by religions of men. I hope that you will forgive us if we are insensitive to the feelings of sincere, active members of JWs. You see, many of us have suffered greatly at the hands of the religion, and being human, we sometimes need to vent here.

    I have been somewhat presumptuous in speaking for the group that posts here, but I believe I have a pretty good idea of what they are about. If you would like to post a thoughtful defense of why you believe that God will only save Jehovah's Witnesses I for one will be happy to respond to it. You may enjoy reading many interesting comments already posted on the subject - see posts entitled "Do you believe" and "Why does God permit evil?", among others.

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