FREEDOMLOVER update with JW family

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  • freedomlover

    thanks for the thoughts guys.

    Jaredg - yeah! this weather is awesome! we need to talk again about a possible meetup. can you PM me your email address as I can't send PM's because I'm on a MAC!

    Severus- I don't know about the majority being actors. My family was always what you'd call liberal JW's. They just have hearts and have always tried to treat people right and not follow the rules to the point of hurting people. I really think the MAJORITY are still totally ingrained and entrenched in it. sorry, I wish it was the other way around.

    blondie - LOL! yes, the dresses on some brides and bridesmaid are totally over the top. the slutty dresses were on the guests at this wedding. I should have taken some pics......that would have been a good laugh at the ahem "modest" dress of Christian sisters.

  • MerryMagdalene

    Thanks for the update FreedomLover! Good to hear.

    Wishing you wonderful things in your new life. And wishing the rest of your family all the best as well!


  • PaNiCAtTaCk

    awesome! Sounds like your dad is on his way out!

  • jaredg

    PM sent

  • M.J.

    Great news! Thanks for sharing. Keep us in the loop!

  • DigitalFokus

    Awesome FL, I am happy your family is doing well. and such a cute fam it is..I'll email ya the scans of the ink ideas. I suppose a burning kh is out of the question huh?


  • Billygoat


    I love hearing updates on what's going on in your family. I'm so tickled that things with your dad are the way they are. I really am. I hope that the "end" the way we all hope!

    I'm glad to hear that Real Life is busy for you as you settle in. I hope it only gets busier. It means you're LIVING.


  • AudeSapere

    Wonderful update to a great progression.

    Thanks for catching us up!


  • freedomlover

    DF - LOL! a burning KH would be funny but damn, what a horrid tattoo to have to live with the rest of your life!

    Andi - thanks sweety! I also hope it ends the way I want it to end...

    thanks Aude. I also appreciated the advice with my kids on playdates......

  • ithinkisee

    Blondie said,

    I know a JW family that did that, all left at the same time, grandparents, adult children, spouses and grandchildren. Never said why to anyone, not that it stopped the gossipmongers.

    I would love it if we began to have that kind of effect. It seems that NOT talking to the troublemakers makes the most sense. It leaves them to flounder and whip themselves into a frenzy of suspicion and mistrust.

    I love it.

    Oh yeah, and FreedomLover was awesome at the wedding. She definitely came across as the stronger person.


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