Reasons employers reject job applicants

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  • greendawn

    That's why it's better to be self employed you don't have to beg anyone to give you a job and risk getting turned down and disappointed, unless you've got an asset inside to help you grab the job.

  • kristyann

    Thanks again, everyone. You're all dolls.

    I also appreciated the list of questions that interviewers cannot ask. I am about to be writing on that topic, as well, so I really appreciate it. :-) It's so funny, cause I was just going to look it up, and it was right there in front of me

    Thanks everyone!

  • Finally-Free
    Telling the interviewer you don't have any weaknesses is a ticket to the door. Your are either a liar, an idiot or a jerk. Or all three.

    It depends. I'm usually prepared for this question, but when I was interviewed for my current position I drew a complete blank when the interviewer asked it. I eventually said I didn't have any, and the interviewer laughed - maybe it was the way I said it. But that helped get me the job. His assistant later told me that I made him laugh, and that's good. He has a policy of not hiring someone who doesn't make him laugh.


  • LDH
    2. Because the decision-maker already has a candidate picked out and is just doing interviews to satisfy requirements (EOE or internal policies/rules that say you must consider X # of candidates). This in my experience has been the primary reason, extremely frustrating to waste my time in this manner.

    Don't ever think of interviews as a waste of time. They are good practice.

  • JeffT

    Finallyfee: I guess I should have qualified my answer. Telling ME you don't have any weaknesses is a good way to not get a job. Maybe if I met someone that could say he doesn't have any and make me laugh I'd give him a shot. It's just my experience that people need to know they're limitations.

    You've also hit on another sure fire way not to get a job, the dreaded "deer in the headlights look." Obviously you did something to dodge that bullet, but that can be a real deal killer.

  • JH

    In some cases, if you don't know anyone working there.

    being too old *some reject people over 30* for bottom manual jobs.

  • z

    *some reject people over 30* for bottom manual jobs.


  • TresHappy

    I recently learned that a family member who had been let go when on interviews and rambled on what had happened at this previous job, basically playing victim. They finally got a job when they shut up bad mouthing the previous job.

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