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  • Zone

    Daniel 7.

    There is a book called "The complete book of Bible Prophasy" Out, and most of it is scriptural based.

  • ballistic

    Do you mean the book by Mark Hitchcock - it help if you give authors or a link.

  • tmo1965
    Is that belief about the anti christ and the one world government held by many Christian religions? Is it based on the beast 666 of revelation?

    As a Christian, I find that there are varying beliefs about how the 1 world govt will come into being. However, they tend to be along the same lines. For instance some believe the UN will bring about the 1 world govt, while others believe it to be the EU. The grounds for believing that the EU will compose the 10 toes is Daniel's prophecies in Dan. 2, 7, and 8, as well as Rev. 13. If you look at the regions of the world that was the Babylonian, Persian, and Greecian empires, the majority of the EU's territory encompases the same area. Likewise, the Roman Empire was composed of most of this same area. However, I still have to consider the possibility that the UN will be catalyst for a 1 world govt. They are working on globalizing the world by economic means, religion, and political. Remember the term "sustainable development". It's being used currently, but I think we will hear much more about it in the near future. Here is an excellent site that has various articles and other info on the UN's involvement is globalization. http://www.contenderministries.org/

  • heathen

    I've heard that from people such as Jack Van Impe and some baptists that live in the neighborhood . The EU will give rise the anti christ or some such crap . Once again they butcher the scriptures to come to their conclusions . They fail to explain what the seven headed beast is for one thing or how the lamb beast projects the image of the scarlet beast .

  • Deputy Dog
    Deputy Dog


    What verse in Daniel 7 do you see the European Union mentioned?

    D Dog

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    Welcome to the forum, this is a great set of people here and will communicate and answer most anything.

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    really that's a very good first topic other than telling us your experience with the org . of which we still want to hear it . welcome aboard zone .

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