Hilarious comment made at work today about JWs

by Jez 13 Replies latest jw friends

  • Wolfgirl

    Someone I know from another board (not related to JW stuff at all) told me this:

    I haven't had any JW round since a pair turned up as I was dressing pheasants & I answered the door with blood covered hands ...
    Don't know if it was the blood or me saying "good you're just in time, we've only just started"

  • Frog

    that's too funny! clever little man :) thanks for sharing. x

  • MsMcDucket

    Sirona, sometimes, you just can't win. They use to think that I wasn't a Christian because I was a Jehovah's Witness. Oops! I guess that they were right! I just didn't know it!

  • Sirona

    Sorry I didn't reply sooner....I should explain that I've just recently been promoted and I'm absolutely swimming in work and training....

    Lets say I'm not the most popular person .... :P


    You are popular with us


    Well....there are still surprises on this board! Thanks for that, I wondered if I'd disappeared into oblivion.

    I'm still tackling the pagan vs christian vs catholic vs atheist stuff at work. I have said very very little on the subject, mostly because I am new to the new (and very observed) role. Put it this way, they pass me work because it is required of them but they can choose if it goes to me or another person. I have to maximise the chances of their treating me fairly. Imagine someone who is fundamentally against paganism choosing to pass me work in the workplace?


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