I'm confused about literature cited....

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  • Kristofer

    I noticed that some of the literature cited has references to pages in the hundreds like Pg 127 etc...

    I know the WT publishes books but are there any discrepencies between the original mags published and the bound versions?

    I ask because when I was presenting some info to a friend and gave her the source, she said, "how can that be? This is a small magazine with only a few pages and you are saying the pages are in the hundreds?"

    I'm confused....

    Can anyone help explain? Are there different sources? discrepencies? Am I not making any sense?

  • upside/down

    The Bound Volumes were numbered like that...and some books.


  • Legolas

    From what I can tell ...the older bound volumes at least are numbered like a book!

  • Kristofer

    so it's not far fetched to have an Awake mag with more than a hundred pages because it's part of the bound version?

    AM I correct in assuming that?

  • Elsewhere
    so it's not far fetched to have an Awake mag with more than a hundred pages because it's part of the bound version?

    AM I correct in assuming that?

    There are 32 pages in each issue, 2 issues per month, and 12 months...

    32 * 2 * 12 = 768 pages

    (Note: Awake recently went from bi-monthly to monthly, so now they only have 384 pages.)

  • Kristofer

    So they are bound by year?

    And new numbers are imprinted at the bottom of the pages?

  • AuldSoul

    Except, they stopped numbering the bound volumes that way eventually, causing more confusion when referencing the pubs. And now they won't even be making bound volumes anymore, so...

    Brief answer, the Watchtower in the old bound volumes (pre-1978) are number consecutively from first page to last.

    I don't have Awake! further back than 1966, but in 1966 Awake! was numbered like the original magazine (32 pages each, and differentiated by the issue date). Maybe the Awake! bound volumes have always been numbered that way, I don't know.

    The Watchtower bound volumes were numbered like the Awake! from 1978 forward. The WT CD ROM has them numbered consecutively according to the old bound volume style up to 1977, then switches to the new page numbering system just like in the print volumes. You could have your friend look on it for proof.


  • Kristofer

    I just read on another thread that the bound volumes will still be made...

  • blondie

    I think that in 1978 the page system changed from January 1 being page 1 and December 31 being page 768, to page 1 to 32 for each issue.

  • bennyk

    The Watch Tower Reprints are a set of six bound volumes printed in 1920(?) comprising the years 1879-1919 (June), and the pages are numbered sequentially throughout the entire set, thus numbering into the thousands.

    Incidentally, those Reprints may still be purchased (as a twelve volume set) from the Chicago Bible Students).

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