No replies to your topic, does it upet you?

by greendawn 22 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • lonelysheep

    It doesn't upset me, but it makes me realize that I didn't write enough to initiate a conversation rather than just a quick read and goodbye.

  • FairMind

    I'm not very creative so I am not surprised if my posts or replies to posts do not generate a response.

  • Dismembered

    In the years I've been here, it amazes me at the creative threads and questions that come up. Just when I think it's all been asked/said a thread appears on something I hadn't thought about. And then of course there's Minimus who always has his thought provoking thinking-cap on. Just what would we do without him?


  • joelbear

    no, it tells me what things people are interested in discussing and what things they are not and sometimes they just flow back into the pack before they get noticed.

  • greendawn

    In my opinion if one thread fails to take off there is always a next day with two more topics to start. But I am puzzled when I start a topic and get little response then a while later someone starts the same with enormous success.

    Dismembered, Minimus has started something like 1800 threads on this forum. He never runs out of subjects.


    I have started a couple of threads about enviornmental issues and no one seems to really care!!! It makes me wonder if it goes back to the JW days when we were cautioned not to get involved...Jehovah would take care of it. Same with politics...not much interest now, but as time goes on and this mess gets worse, are we going to be sorry we didn't exercise our right of free speech? These issues are a lot more important than who has the biggest boobs, just not as entertaining, I guess!!!

    Swalker (trying to keep your thread going!)

  • Golf


    I'm interested in 'input.' We can all learn from one another, we need to 'exchange'ideas.

    I feel by not putting in our two cents we end up being the losers. I've been into sports competition since a childhood, coming here is not a competition of who can get the most replies. I'm speaking for myself.


  • Buster

    Aw shucks no. It just confirms that I'm boring, that nobody cares, ... all that other stuff I know people say.

    Now that I've probably closed off this thread, I'll just tawdle off and go sit in the corner.

  • serendipity

    The board moves fast and some things get lost in the shuffle. I just bump the topic and see if there is any interest.

  • luna2

    It might upset me a little...if I ever started a topic. LOL

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