Stay away from the Weirdos!!

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  • Super_Becka

    Are they seen as "weirdos"??


    My parents were shocked when I said that I was dating one. My brother demanded that I prevent my boyfriend from trying to sell him anything religious. My dad is always saying, "Yeah, he's strange alright...".

    When I was little, I remember that there was one JW in my brother's class, a year behind me. We all knew who he was, it was a small town and a small school, everyone knew everyone, but he didn't have any friends or anything. He didn't associate with anyone, he didn't attend birthday parties or anything like that, and he didn't celebrate Christmas, which I thought was sad.

    We were told that he was a Jehovah's Witness and that he didn't believe in birthdays and Christmas. That was all I knew about it, and even back then, I thought it was weird. Later, I learned that JWs were those people who came to your door at the most inconvenient times to give you magazines and try to convert you. Yup, always thought they were weird.

    Ask anyone around here about the Witnesses, and the answer you'll get will definitely contain the word "weird".

    -Becka :)

  • primitivegenius

    wierd with a capitol "F&^$## UP"

  • Victorian sky
    Victorian sky

    Startingover - thanks for the link, interesting information.

    Only18 - After I left the org, i was stunned to discover what churches worldwide do through their ministries. My church has 80 outreach ministries that preach/clothe/feed/house/teach people in prisons, hospitals, in their private homes, there's even a biker's ministry with tough guy harley davidson types that pull up to church in a caravan it's awesome. There are singles ministries that go on cool trips and help people fall in love and maintain their marriages - how many bitter JW singles could benefit from that! What I did knocking on doors, when i pioneered was pointless, i wasn't helping anybody, it made me feel righteous but churches are doing mighty things to actually help people spiritually, emotionally, and physically as the first century christians did.

    As a JW I felt out of place at times, but always superior in the smug knowledge that i had the 'truth'. I had no idea how we were percieved by others. Try going to any Chrisitian book store, look in the cult section, that's where you'll find books on JWs - that's how JW are viewed. Just another mind controlling man made religion.

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