Stay away from the Weirdos!!

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  • Gill

    Oh dear! This is not something I want to tell my mum about. She would be horrified to hear it. You know how the JWs are told by the WTBTS how respected they are for their religious stance, blah de blah de blah.

    Well, one of my sons has a friend at school who, when shopping with her grandmother saw my mother, also out shopping. The grandmother turned to my son's friend and warned her : 'You see that woman! Stay away from her! She's a Jehovah's Witness'.

    The Grandmother was shocked when her grandaughter laughed and said she knew my mum through my son.

    It made me wonder what I/We were thought of when we were JWs and what people may still think of us know!

    Couldn't possibly be 'What a bunch of weirdos, could it?'

  • Ellie

    Yes, this is something my mum always goes on about, how well respected they are, she really thinks that people all would love to be witnesses but just are not good enough, its laughable really.

    When I was a teenager, my friends from the hall and I got stopped by the police, we fitted the description of a gang who had just broken into a car, to my embaressment the first thing my friend said to the officers was "But we are Jehovah's Witnesses".

  • Chimene

    Yes, they do refer to them as weirdos. When I told my mom and grandmother I was marrying one, that was the first thing they said, even all my friends. Those people are weird and strange. I didn't know anything about the religion, so I paid it no attention.

  • carla

    People may know nothing to speak of about the religion, but that do think, 'weirdo's' if you mention jehovah witnesses. That is their 'reputation'. No one I have run into understands the 'one of jehovahs witness' thing either! To everybody else it is just a group, not meaning a 'witness of God'. Doesn't say much for their witnessing techniques does it?

  • Highlander

    When I was younger I had many witness friends that would proclaim they were Jehovah's Witnesses to the police when being questioned about any illegal activity.

    These friends of mine felt that if they said that, then anyone would automatically believe they were good people and had done nothing wrong.

    In most cases the police disregarded the jehovah's witness plea and saw my friends for what they really were.

  • fifi

    Funny how they think that their being JWs gives them some "special status" as regards morals. I know a JW who had his own business and was being investigated for tax fraud ... he came out with the usual "...but I'm a Jehovah's Witness..." thing and was met with the response "...and I'm a Catholic!"

    I thought I was going to choke.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    The amazing thing about JWs is how normal they think they are. They think people feel they are weird because of misinformation. The truth is that Witnesses are a strange bunch. Before I became a Witness I kind of saw them in the same light as the Mormons and other small and tightly organized religions. People who where very devout and "into" their religion. People who let it dictate everything they did. Witnesses don't realize they are seen this way. They don't realize that following the "faithful slave" and all they tell them to do makes them wierd, because they simply follow a list of rules handed down by authority.

  • Boxed elder bugs
    Boxed elder bugs

    Whats strange about not talking to your relatives who aren't witnesses?

  • diamondblue1974
    the first thing my friend said to the officers was "But we are Jehovah's Witnesses

    As he was stashing the car stereo down his trousers do you mean? lol


  • Frog

    lol! so true that, I really don't know where the legend of JW's having a highly coveted reputation comes from. If I was being honest I'd have to say that I was always ashamed of being a witness, totally aware of how odd we must have appeared to non-cult members. Funny how JW's use parrot that line when they're in trouble, and are consistantly shocked when they get a "so what" response. My sister used that when she and her best friend (also dub) were accused of vandalising the music room in grade 7. Her only defense was "but we're Jehovah's Witnesses"!...the deputy vice's response was "I don't care if you're god himself!" lol

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