Do you have a nice hand writing?

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  • Elsewhere
    Do you have a nice hand writing?

    Lets just say I could have been a Doctor.

  • Ellie

    Its neat, but it looks like a teenage girls, but atleast I don't use hearts to dot my I's with.

  • AuldSoul

    Yes. Women frequently comment that my handwriting is "very pretty", a compliment most guys recoil from regardless of the quality to which it is applied.

    I have been told good handwriting is a sign of a very sensitive person. Do you think that was a euphemistic way of calling me effeminate?

    I think the quality of handwriting can be a sign of how much you care to be understood by others. In times not too long past, developing the skill of handwriting was considered to express respect for others and was a trait that garnered favor for promotions. It also increased the odds of favorable hearing among noted political and commercial figures.


  • damselfly

    My printing is great. With writing I get impatient and it starts off nice and neat and then gets harder and harder to read.


  • Super_Becka

    Hmm, I never really thought about it.

    I guess it's OK, it's pretty standard handwriting. And of course, the quality depends on the situation. If I'm writing a letter, it's nice and neat, especially if I use a nice pen. If I'm writing out a note or something like a grocery list or a recipe, it's clear and easy to read, if I'm taking notes in class, it's kinda sprawling, and if I'm writing a final exam, it's scrawled, sprawling, rushed, slanted and barely legible.

    Maybe I should scan some of my handwriting and you guys could tell me if it's nice or not, I'm not really a good judge of that.

    My boyfriend's handwriting, on the other hand, looks like hen scratches, it's really nasty, he writes like a 10-year-old. Well, he prints like a 10-year-old, because he never uses cursive unless he's signing his name, in which case it's just a scribble. He even asks me to print things instead of handwriting them because he can't read cursive. Keep in mind, he's 28 years old!!

    But of course, most guys I know have absolutely terrible penmanship, it must be something with the Y chromosome.

    -Becka :)

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