Lot's of messages from Scottish Witnesses

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    I'm happy to see you enjoyed your "Quick Build" experience. I also enjoyed many however past enjoyment will never change my mind and make me return to the WT.


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  • dozy

    "Well, hopefully it will help open their young eyes to the reality of the destructive, mind-controlling cult their parents have gotten them mixed up in. Spare us the 'warm christian love and cookies' routine dozy, we all know the dubs are only interested in their own narrow interests and would not lift a finger if some "pagan" church needed to be repaired or renovated. "

    The message was full of expletives from a nutcase-type apostate - it was disgusting even for an adult to read.

    I'm not aware of any church that helps other churches (of different denominations) in repair projects - the neighbouring Protestant "wee free" church wouldn't even let the brothers use their car park in Lerwick , despite a friendly request. I suspect your issue is with religion in general rather than just JWs - sadly it is a fact of life today.

  • deeskis

    I left Scotland 24 years ago but recognise a handful of the names. There was a comment from someone in my old congregation too, but didn't know them. There's been a high turnover. I've had family members involved with quick builds, and the atmosphere seems great. shame about the rest of it.

    We chuckle at the articles in the Watching the World segments about the Anglican church in England can't sell their places of worship quick enough due to lack of numbers, and yet our wonderful organisation powers ahead

    I don't get this..........I thought the org had a negative growth in most developed countries

    The list of countries with zero or negative growth in 2004:
    Australia, Austria, Belgium, Britain, Canada, Czech, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Hongkong, Hugary, Italy, Japan, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Romania, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, USA.

    While there are minor ups and downs, these overall trends in those so-called developed conutries seem to be very stable for close to one decade. If there is any small gain, that can be easily explained by the general population growth.


    Now I'm feeling depress, need to go excercise and blow away the cobwebs!

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