Lot's of messages from Scottish Witnesses

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  • slimboyfat

    I am amazed how many of these names I recognise. Other Scottish apostates recognise names too?

    Makes me wonder if all those Witnesses are Internet active... how many of them are famiar with apostate websites.

  • slimboyfat

    Is there no way of fixing stupid spelling mistakes in subject headings?

  • LittleToe

    Ironically I know most of those folks either personally or by reputation.

    What a tiny pool it is...

  • blondie

    It looks like they either tried to block this from non-JWs or took it down at some time. The WTS has been vigilant about JW websites and postings.

  • slimboyfat

    Notice all the "warm Christian love". The more I read that phrase the more hollow it seems.

    I recognize a good 30% of the names there.

  • blondie

    SBF, JWs are a group that focuses on appearance not substance. Words but few deeds.

    I have noticed that other religious groups get into such rituals and vocabularies.

    I remember once hearing a brother give a prayer at home and it was great, heartfelt and sincere, nothing like the prayers he gave at the KH. He told me that he would not be allowed to give a prayer such as the one he gave at home and give it at the KH. So sad, I thought.


  • slimboyfat

    Little Toe,

    I have no doubt you know most of the Witnesses there... considering you were on the verge of being made into a CO when you decided to leave da Chrishchun Congation...

  • tijkmo

    wow...i know nearly all the scottish names there and a good number of the others...

    shame they dont realise that building isnt evidence of jahs blessing...telling the truth maybe

    still cant help feeling a bit nostalgic

    good times


  • dozy

    I worked on this quick build - it was a fantastic experience (apart from the horizontal rain - unbelievable). The brothers were marvellously hospitable especially bearing in mind that there are only 14 publishers in Lerwick. (One of the elders died recently in a freak car accident , so there are only 2 elders now.)

    "SBF, JWs are a group that focuses on appearance not substance. Words but few deeds." (Blondie - I suggest you look at a map of Scotland, find out where Lerwick is , consult a timetable regarding boat & plane schedules , find out how much it costs , multiply by 1.7 to get the dollar equivalent and think again).

    I'm sorry some of you (in fairness , not the Scottish ex-witnesses) can't even grudgingly acknowledge the dedication , effort & love of the brothers here and those who sent messages of support (including my family , I see!). Shame on you. Most of the workers gave up their time and travelled at great personal expense to a remote island to help a tiny congregation build a place of worship. The build was very challenging because virtually all of the equipment & materials had to come by ferry with the brothers - we ran into a few problems onsite because we couldn't get some crucial last minute materials from the 2 rather limited builders merchants on Shetland.

    Blondie was right - the web page message board had to be closed because it got overrun with abusive messages - apostates were posting (the usual "You are a Cult" stuff - apostates tend to use the same pet phrases as well , by the way.).The Dix family didn't have time to keep moderating & deleting because they were busy on the build. One particular message was very upsetting to the children in the congregation - we had a PC onsite. It was a shame because it was a good idea and kept the brothers informed on the progress of the build & that their loved ones were interested.

  • kid-A

    One particular message was very upsetting to the children in the congregation

    Well, hopefully it will help open their young eyes to the reality of the destructive, mind-controlling cult their parents have gotten them mixed up in. Spare us the 'warm christian love and cookies' routine dozy, we all know the dubs are only interested in their own narrow interests and would not lift a finger if some "pagan" church needed to be repaired or renovated. The sphere of JW christian love does not extend beyond the narrow confines of their own king-dumb halls...

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