Faking a Trip to NY Bethel - Whats it Like there?

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  • misspeaches

    Okay guys...

    My friend Mr.Beaker is travelling to America tomorrow and spending time all over the place including NYC. Well his father feels that he should go to Bethel while he is in NY and check the place out.

    We thought that perhaps some of you who have been there already could describe a little about what happens on the tours so when he returns he can tell his dad stuff about it and make it appear he went there. (Ha ha)

    Anyways I guess some of the things the r&f would consider to be highlights, what buildings are included, do you have to book?

    Anything you can share will be wonderful!

  • damselfly

    Beaker is one of my favorite muppets so I'll pass along that RichieRich did a lovely post on Bethel complete with pics this past summer.

    I myself have not had the privilege of attending one of their stupendous tours.


  • misspeaches

    Dams you and your love of the intellectuals... I'm not surprised that Beaker was one of your favs.

    I'll try dig up Richies thread and refer him to it too...

  • blondie
  • misspeaches

    Blondie thats' great and thanks for the warning to turn off the sound.

    I'm going to suggest he steal some pics from these sites and add them to his own online album as if he took them himself too.

  • misanthropic

    Tell Mr. Beaker that I hope he has a wonderful time on his fake trip. :)

  • Elsewhere

    Just watch Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) and tell your dad about that. He'll never know the difference.

  • Eyebrow2

    maybe not, else...but what if he is asked to produce the Everlasting Gobbstopper?

  • gaybeat

    Its really hot inside, and everyone there is all ooohing and aaahing at printing presses like they were magical gifts from Jehovah. Then you follow the white lines and see the young Witnesses smiling because they are cleaning elevators, then you go in the basement where you actually see TVs and how their Kitchen is the cleanest in the whole NYC. The Health Inspectors always leave early.. then you see even more happy people wandering around oohing and aahing at the rooms and how cute they look, and the fun things they get to do. Then you ooh and aah more at the people from the different countries working there in the hot conditions and how quick they can make boxes because Jehovah made them skilled in that field. Then you ooh and aah over how the Watchtower is translated into more languages than Time Magazine. Thats basically it.

  • misspeaches

    LOL - you guys are the best... Gaybeat you cracked me right up. I will be sure to tell Mr.Beaker to include a lot of oohing and aahing for authenticity... ha ha. Wait till he reads this!

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