Did you feel uncomfortable going into churches when you were a JW?...

by Hecklerboy 23 Replies latest jw friends

  • damselfly

    Religion in general gives me the creeps but I always found the churches themselves to be beautiful and peaceful.


  • freedom96

    Yes, it felt weird back then.

  • sass_my_frass

    Usually too scared to, but in the later years would do so and defy anybody to call me on it. These days I love old churches; so much care went into putting them up. How about the Notre Dame, or Sacre Coure? How about churches that have been worshipped in for many many hundreds of years? So spectacular; all that emotion and passion; even if it was misdirected, at least they had something to believe in.

  • barry

    When I met my ex wife for the first time it wasnt long before religion came into it. She had been with the witnesses for about two years but had not been baptised and she decided to come with me to the SDA church. After the main service we were greated outside by the minister of the church and when I put my arm around her i noticed something I thougt very unusual and strange, she was shaking like a leaf . Michelle had only been a study with the JWs and I couldnt understand how this could be. Barry

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