When you ladies think you have it bad... Sicko Marriage Contract

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  • daystar

    Think about the insane requests that this a$$hole made:

  • Dune

    Yeah i saw that the other day.

    I think he's being charged with kidnapping.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    The sleepwear part seems like a good idea to me.

    >runs for cover<

  • Brigid

    At least he's honest. Actually, if one reads Ketubah's (Jewish Marriage contracts) from old days, one will find minutia such as this (how many times a year one will have intercourse, etc. if a woman fails to produce children, all bets are off, he may divorce or take a 2nd wife--oh and if he choses to dismiss her, she may never get remarried--ever, unless he (his choice entirely) produces a counter contract that allows her to do so). Marriage is just a contract--vaginal and womb ownership in exchange for material provision (I know, I know, I'm such a killjoy when it comes to marriage). And our modern marriage contracts are basically evolved from these old ownership contracts. The wedding ring evolves (some say) from the old days when a woman would have a ring in her nose and chained to the floor. I have no archeological evidence for this but it rings true. I personally prefer my ancestral ideas of marriage (handfasting) for a year and a day--then both parties decide how they want to mutually proceed.

    ~Brigid the killjoy

  • AuSet

    Holy Crap!

    Well, I guess I could see this if she had agreed to it and they were engaged in some kind of BDSM relationship. But only if it was consensual and negotiated between the both of them.

  • enigmatoo

    The WT GB duds LOVE to write new rules so much, that this "marriage contract" should be included in next "the true happines in marriage" book, thanks to "new light" "discovered " by the liders of the WT. LOL

    That will "improve" the shabby JW marriages... LOL Sex on demand? That is why the brethels are so popular...

  • daystar
    At least he's honest.

    Well... honesty about being a prick doesn't excuse someone of anything, in my book anyway. A thief who is "honest" about his being a thief, is a thief nonetheless.

    I'm glad the gal didn't sign it. Kudos for her for that, though she still did marry him. I would think that his little contract would have caused some warning signs to go off for her, but apparently it did not.

  • Chimene

    I can't believe someone was dumb enough to marry him in the first place!

  • enigmatoo

    Chimene, look at his picture ? He looks cute. Women like to marry cutes boys... don't ya ? LOL

    Well, same with boys... they like to marry pretty faces, regardles the personality deficiency.. or others shortcomings... LOL

  • kristyann

    This is an absolute outrage. This does nothing for my faith in humanity, to say the least. This person is sick and psychotic and shouldn't be allowed to see the light of day again. Really. He is just treating people as slaves, and people who treat others as slaves do not deserve their freedom.

    By the way... not that this is anywhere near as important as the fact that this is just plain sick... but why all the requirements about no shorts or pajamas or whatever? Obviously my boyfriend likes to see me in flat out sexy clothes... I mean, REALLY sexy stuff... but he thinks I'm cute and sexy in pajamas, too. He has bought me 2 pairs and he always gets excited when I wear them! Why would that not be sexy as well? I don't get it.

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